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The Nicomachean Ethics

Gelesen von Geoffrey Edwards

(4,365 Sterne; 52 Bewertungen)

The work consists of ten books, originally separate scrolls, and is understood to be based on notes said to be from his lectures at the Lyceum which were either edited by or dedicated to Aristotle's son, Nicomachus. In many ways this work parallels the similar Eudemian Ethics, which has only eight books, and the two works can be fruitfully compared. Books V, VI, and VII of the Nicomachean Ethics are identical to Books IV, V, and VI of the Eudemian Ethics. Opinions about the relationship between the two works, for example which was written first, and which originally contained the three common books, is divided. Aristotle describes his ethical work as being different from his other kinds of study, because it is not just for the sake of contemplating what things are, but rather to actually become good ourselves. It is therefore practical rather than theoretical in the original Aristotelian senses of these terms. (Summary from Wikipedia) (10 hr 0 min)


01 - Book I


Read by Geoffrey Edwards

02 - Book II


Read by Geoffrey Edwards

03 - Book III


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04 - Book IV


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05 - Book V


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06 - Book VI


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07 - Book VII


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08 - Book VIII


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09 - Book IX


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10 - Book X


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Couldn't follow

(2 Sterne)

this would be easier to listen to with a Microsoft reader. the guys intonation is obstructive to the meaning. I am sure he is a nice guy, but this is not his calling.

(3 Sterne)

The reader does not stress the sentences in a way to make it sound natural and thus clear. Some words are mispronounced.

worth reading, better than some other Aristotle works

(3 Sterne)

So many points seem very obvious, although they are well developed. I read it because I know it has been foundational to Western Ethics.

Decent Read

(4,5 Sterne)

The reader, as usual, is rather thorough and persists in tackling this large set of works. If only Aristotle were as thoughful...*coughs*blaming pica on sexuality*coughs*

(4 Sterne)

Pretty good, the reader sounds kinda like Kermit the frog 😂

An 'enlightening' sort of book.

(4 Sterne)

I always enjoy reading books such as this, hearing others' opinions on such topics. While I don't agree with everything stated within, I think that overall, this is a good book. Even if it isn't with this book, I think people should educate themselves on ethics and apply what they learn. I am going to be giving a workshop-lecture type thing on character, and I'm glad I read this book because it has been a valuable resource in preparing for it.

great book that keeps relevancy

(5 Sterne)

it covers a lot of stuff with details and it holds quite some ground even today

Amazing work!

(5 Sterne)

Wow! The best self-help book everyone should read! Thank You, Geoffrey Edwards.