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Two Little Knights of Kentucky

Gelesen von LibriVox Volunteers

(3,75 Sterne; 10 Bewertungen)

In this volume the Little Colonel returns to us like an old friend, but with added grace and charm. She is not, however, the central figure of the story, that place being taken by the “two little knights,” Malcolm and Keith, little Southern aristocrats, whose chivalrous natures lead them through a series of interesting adventures. (Summary from an original 1898 advertisement for the book.) (3 hr 10 min)


Two Tramps and a Bear


Read by Mich_elle

Ginger and the Boys


Read by Kimberly Anderson

The Valentine Party


Read by Christine Rodriguez

A Fire and a Plan


Read by Christine Rodriguez

Jonesy's Benefit


Read by Gabriel Glenn

The Little Colonel's Two Rescues


Read by Kalynda

A Game of Indian


Read by om123



Read by om123


(4 Sterne)

Nice story, nicely read until the final two chapters. Reader om123 is very difficult to understand and his pronunciation of some words required figuring out (causing me to occasionally miss parts of the following sentence, etc


(1 Sterne)

chapters 7 and 8 are not even read in English. They need to be redone. Ruins the entire book. Ask om to stick to reading in his own languages. Completely ruined the experience.

Two little knights of Kentucky

(3 Sterne)

Although this was supposed to be of the little Colonel series. Little Loyd was hardly in it. The story was ok.

The reader of the last several chapters is very hard to understa

(3 Sterne)