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The Well at the World's End, Book 1: The Road Unto Love

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(4,038 Sterne; 26 Bewertungen)

The Well at the World's End is thought to be one of the first examples of an entirely fictional fantasy world, and has greatly influenced later fantasy writers such as C.S. Lewis and J.R.R. Tolkien. The book follows the travels of Ralph, a prince of a tiny country, as he disobeys his fathers wishes and runs away from home to adventure in the world, and seek out the fabled Well at World's End, said to grant eternal youth to those who drink from it. (Summary by BumbleVee) (4 hr 59 min)


01 - The Sundering of the Ways


Read by BumbleVee

02 - Ralph Goeth Back Home to the High House


Read by BumbleVee

03 - Ralph Cometh to the Cheaping-Town


Read by BumbleVee

04 - Ralph Rideth the Downs


Read by BumbleVee

05 - Ralph Cometh to Higham-on-the-Way


Read by BumbleVee

06 - Ralph Goeth His Ways From the Abbey of St. Mary at Higham


Read by BumbleVee

07 - The Maiden of Bourton Abbas


Read by BumbleVee

08 - Ralph Cometh to the Wood Perilous. An Adventure Therein


Read by BumbleVee

09 - Another Adventure in the Wood Perilous


Read by BumbleVee

10 - A Meeting and a Parting in the Wood Perilous


Read by BumbleVee

11 - Now Must Ralph Ride For It


Read by BumbleVee

12 - Ralph Entereth Into the Burg of the Four Friths


Read by BumbleVee

13 - The Streets of the Burg of the Four Friths


Read by MaryA

14 - What Ralph Heard of the Matters of the Burg of the Four Friths


Read by MaryA

15 - How Ralph Departed From the Burg of the Four Friths


Read by MaryA

16 - Ralph Rideth the Wood Perilous Again


Read by Mike Pelton

17 - Ralph Cometh to the House of Abundance


Read by Michael Harrison

18 - Of Ralph in the Castle of Abundance


Read by genierose

19 - Ralph Readeth in a Book Concerning the Well at the World's End


Read by Cori Samuel

20 - Ralph Meeteth a Man in the Wood


Read by Grace

21 - Ralph Weareth Away Three Days Uneasily


Read by Grace

22 - An Adventure in the Wood


Read by Grace

23 - The Leechcraft of the Lady


Read by Grace

24 - Supper and Slumber in the Woodland Hall


Read by Patti Cunningham


(4 Sterne)

well read, but I wish the reader had pronounced some of the words correctly. Yea is pronounced yay and not yee and it took me a bit to figure out what she was saying. there were a couple of other words it sounded strange as well, and I ended up downloading a written copy of the book so I could get straight what she was saying. except for that, though, I liked her voice and her accent and the reading was well done. I believe I read this book before, years ago, and it was nice to revisit it and have it read to me.

Five stars to the reader

(3 Sterne)

I would give the reader five stars. The subject and old English was too hard for me to get into. Again, the reader was spot on and has a great voice.

Awesome reading!

(5 Sterne)

This was well done! I liked the readers voice, accent, cadence, and overall tone. Thank you so much!

a pleasing tale

(4 Sterne)

Thanks so much for the work of producing his volume. It really adds colour to my reading.