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Gelesen von Roger Melin

(4,211 Sterne; 45 Bewertungen)

A bit of a menage-a-quatre in a remote cabin in the wilderness as fugitive Hugh, his younger brother Pete, nursemaid and cook Bella, and now the newly arrived snow-blinded young Sylvie who had been snatched from near death in the snow by the heroic but moody Hugh. Because of her blindness, Sylvie is led to believe her rescuer to be a handsome and dashing hero; his younger brother to be but a young lad of 14; and Bella a matronly old maid. But Sylvie would, in time, form her own image of the clan and attempt to bring them together as they were destined to be split apart. Demonstration lies herein of the inherent ability of the blind to use their other senses to best any situation laid before them. (Introduction by Roger Melin) (3 hr 37 min)


Chapter 1


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Chapter 2


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Chapter 3


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Chapter 4


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Chapter 5


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Chapter 6


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Chapter 7


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Chapter 8


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Chapter 9


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Chapter 10


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Chapter 11


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Chapter 12


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Chapter 13


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Chapter 14


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Good story

(4 Sterne)

Hugh rescues Sylvie who is snow blind and unable to see. He tells her about his life through his own eyes, which is very different from the way things really are. Snow blindness is not permanent however, so what will become of Sylvie once she sees things as they are, and not as Hugh has pretended that they will be? This is a neat short story, well read, well written. A bit more romancy than adventure, but still good. Enjoy!

Free Listens review

(4 Sterne)

Many forgotten books are rightly forgotten since they're no good. This book, however, is a find. The author writes with great familiarity about the mountains and scores some interesting insights into how our perception of ourselves differs from how others see us. I had zero expectations for this book and was pleasantly surprised. For full review and reviews of other free audiobooks, visit


(5 Sterne)

This author has produced two fine stories. rich with her descriptive talent. It is a shame that we have only these two. RM is perfect for these types of stories. Thanks!

Moments of tension

(2 Sterne)

Well read with a voice that imparts an authentic feel. Good characters and description but ultimately lacking in plot with many events related second hand.

excellent reading by RM

(5 Sterne)

Very interesting story. Glad I that RM read it for me!

one of my favorite readers

(3 Sterne)

It was ok