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The Wolf Hunters

Gelesen von LibriVox Volunteers

(4,503 Sterne; 160 Bewertungen)

Follow Roderick and his friends Wabi and Mukoki on their adventures in the pristine North. They fight voracious wolves, hostile natives, and the vicious elements of nature, while on the hunt. Getting more than they bargained for, they discover a mysterious cabin, and stumble upon a secret that has lain hidden for half a century. Full of twists and turns, danger and suspense, The Wolf Hunters, the prequel to The Gold Hunters, is an excellent read. (Introduction by Brian Adey) (5 hr 6 min)


01 - The Fight in the Forest


Read by badey

02 - How Wabigoon Became a White man


Read by badey

03 - Roderick Sees the Footprint


Read by badey

04 - Roderick's First Taste of the Hunter's Life


Read by badey

05 - Shots in the Wilderness


Read by badey

06 - Mukoki Disturbs the Ancient Skeletons


Read by badey

07 - Roderick Discovers the Buckskin Bag


Read by badey

08 - How Wolf Became the Companion of Men


Read by Icprice

09 - Wolf Takes Vengance Upon His People


Read by Adam Doughty

10 - Roderick Explores the Chasm


Read by Adam Doughty

11 - Roderick's Dream


Read by Ted Nugent

12 - The Secret of the Skeleton's Hand


Read by Wesseling

13 - Snowed In


Read by Christina M. Glavas

14 - The Rescue of Wabigoon


Read by genierose

15 - Roderick Holds the Woongas at Bay


Read by genierose

16 - The Surprise at the Post


Read by genierose


great book

(5 Sterne)

Loved this book and I am finding that I love the books by this author. He does a wonderful job of painting a picture for you.

wolf love

(4 Sterne)

I loved this book, expect with some fight to the death.

wolf power

(5 Sterne)

This book is good but some fights to the deth

an interesting boy's adventure story

(4 Sterne)

Very much has the feel of a boy's adventure story, except with some fights to the death.

(3 Sterne)

the beginning of the story was pretty interesting, but I wish the one that read the first couple of chapters would have read all of them.

Hark, the wild calls!

(5 Sterne)

A favorite book and series. I am always left dreaming of life simpler and filled with natural beauty, life and, ultimately, death.


(5 Sterne)

A story in the best tradition of youthful bravery on the frontier. Ready for THE GOLD HUNTERS.

(5 Sterne)

A good story, but I felt the author left a little uncertainty in the ending.