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With Frederick The Great: A Story of the Seven Years' War

Gelesen von Gary Olman

(4,118 Sterne; 51 Bewertungen)

Among the great wars of history there are few, if any, instances of so long and successfully sustained a struggle, against enormous odds, as that of the Seven Years' War, maintained by Prussia--then a small and comparatively insignificant kingdom--against Russia, Austria, and France simultaneously, who were aided also by the forces of most of the minor principalities of Germany. The population of Prussia was not more than five millions, while that of the Allies considerably exceeded a hundred millions. Prussia could put, with the greatest efforts, but a hundred and fifty thousand men into the field, and as these were exhausted she had but small reserves to draw upon; while the Allies could, with comparatively little difficulty, put five hundred thousand men into the field, and replenish them as there was occasion. That the struggle was successfully carried on, for seven years, was due chiefly to the military genius of the king; to his indomitable perseverance; and to a resolution that no disaster could shake, no situation, although apparently hopeless, appall. Something was due also, at the commencement of the war, to the splendid discipline of the Prussian army at that time; but as comparatively few of those who fought at Lobositz could have stood in the ranks at Torgau, the quickness of the Prussian people to acquire military discipline must have been great; and this was aided by the perfect confidence they felt in their king, and the enthusiasm with which he inspired them. ( Summary by G .A .Henty )

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Read by Gary Olman

King and Marshal


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The Outbreak of War


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A Prisoner


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In Disguise


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Another Step


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Breaking Prison


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At Mindem


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Unexpected News


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(5 Sterne)

Henty never fails to entertain as well as educate. I doubt that there exists a more concise history of this seldom studied war. I take exception to the chastising of the narrator. As I am unable to read for more than 15 minutes at a time, I have the greatest appreciation for Mr. Olney's generous donation of his time.

(3,5 Sterne)

Dear Gary!, I just want to thank you for reading this book to me. I'm not a very diciplined reader and would have never read this history without your help. Thank you sincerely, Evan Bradow

Disappointed ☹️

(2 Sterne)

I was really looking forward to listening to this book because I really like the amount of historical knowledge (even if it is vintage 1800s style) that Henty crams in to his stories. Unfortunately I couldn't get to the end of this one ☹️ I know I shouldn't complain as the readers are all dedicated volunteers, giving of their own time and effort for the benefit of others, but Mr Olman was really struggling to get the words out straight on this recording; there are various mis-pronunciations, unclear diction, bad edits and a jarring lack of flow to his reading. On top of all this, the tale is about Scotsmen fighting in Germany/Central Europe and his accent sounds (to my untrained British ear) like something from the Bronx or "Noo Joyzee" - better fitted to 'The Sopranos' or 'Kojak' - which if it wasn't so dire, would be comical. If there is a Scottish volunteer out there, please let them re-record this one.

(4 Sterne)

I see so many reviews hating on the narrator. To me he reminds me of when my grampa used to read to me. Also, I have listened to quite a few of G.A. Henty's books on Librovox, this guy is a professional compared to some of the other narrators of his books. Some sound like they are reading with a wet sponge in there mouths in high speed. Fact is, it is free but it would be nice if they put other versions with different narrators . (Maybe they do and I haven't come across it yet.) Different people have different taste. Ease up on the older gentleman who read this, I am sure that he did his best.

(4 Sterne)

Good book if you enjoy old miliarty histories the reviews on the reader are unjustified, very good reader only issues are lower than usual volume and slight repetitions which are technical difficulties and did not take away from the reading.

it was more about an officer in the seven years' war

(4 Sterne)

it was interesting and though not perfect i really enjoyed it.

(1 Sterne)

tried, but I just couldn't handle the problems with the reader. even though a volunteer, good intentions are not a qualifier.

Excellent story

(5 Sterne)

The reader is not the most polished, but the story is worth the effort.