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The Song of the Cardinal

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(4,304 Sterne; 46 Bewertungen)

The Song of the Cardinal is about a big male Cardinal who lives in a tree near a farmer and his wife. The Cardinal immediately starts to sing to find himself a mate. Meanwhile the farmer and his wife enjoy watching this boisterous bird and seeing what he does. He does find a mate and through his singing the farmer and his wife's marriage is rejuvenated. It's a happy little parallel love story that will sweep you off your feet! (Summary by peppersnoodles93) (2 hr 55 min)


01 - "Good cheer! Good cheer!" exulted the Cardinal


Read by Mr Krause

02 - "Wet year! Wet year!" prophesied the Cardinal


Read by Mr Krause

03 - "Come here! Come here!" entreated the Cardinal


Read by Kimberly Krause

04 - "So dear! So dear!" crooned the Cardinal


Read by PennyAnn

05 - "See here! See here!" demanded the Cardinal


Read by Kimberly Krause


Too many readers

(2,5 Sterne)

while I love this work of Mrs. Stratton- Porter I feel the reading of it could have been much better. there are 3 distinct people doing the reading. One of which sounded at times like she was reading into a tin can. Hope to find another version to enjoy.

(5 Sterne)

Simple and elegant. I adored the feathered point of view on so many difficult subject.

Excellent book and excellently read!

(5 Sterne)

Excellent book and excellently read! Thank you!!

The Song of the Cardinal

(5 Sterne)