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The Little Nugget

Gelesen von Mark Nelson

(4,633 Sterne; 364 Bewertungen)

Mrs Nesta Ford, in her London hotel room, reveals to her new friend Lord Mountry that she hopes to take her son Ogden on a yachting trip proposed by Mountry, despite her ex-husband having won custody of the boy. As Mountry leaves, Cynthia Drassilis arrives with Ogden, whom she has led away from his father's country house. Mrs Ford rewards Cynthia, but soon Mr Ford's secretary, a Mr Minnick, arrives to recover the stolen child. Cynthia tries to bribe his colleague, Mrs Sheridan, but to no avail, as she believes Nesta's influence has spoiled the boy. After they have gone, Nesta reveals to Cynthia Ogden's past as the 'Little Nugget', and the repeated attempts to kidnap him made by US gangsters. Nesta wishes to call in professional help, but Cynthia persuades her she can still do it, with the help of her new fiancé, a wealthy man called Peter Burns, who she suggests can take up a post at Ogden's new school, posing as a trainee schoolmaster. (Summary by Wikipedia) (8 hr 3 min)


01 - Part 1


Read by Mark Nelson

02 - Part 2 Chapter 01


Read by Mark Nelson

03 -Part 2 Chapter 02


Read by Mark Nelson

04 - Part 2 Chapter 03


Read by Mark Nelson

05 - Part 2 Chapter 04


Read by Mark Nelson

06 - Part 2 Chapter 05


Read by Mark Nelson

07 - Part 2 Chapter 06


Read by Mark Nelson

08 - Part 2 Chapter 07


Read by Mark Nelson

09 - Part 2 Chapter 08


Read by Mark Nelson

10 - Part 2 Chapter 09


Read by Mark Nelson

11 - Part 2 Chapter 10


Read by Mark Nelson

12 - Part 2 Chapter 11


Read by Mark Nelson

13 - Part 2 Chapter 12


Read by Mark Nelson

14 - Part 2 Chapter 13


Read by Mark Nelson

15 - Part 2 Chapter 14


Read by Mark Nelson

16 - Part 2 Chapter 15


Read by Mark Nelson

17 - Part 2 Chapter 16


Read by Mark Nelson

18 - Part 2 Chapter 17


Read by Mark Nelson

19 - Part 2 Chapter 18


Read by Mark Nelson


A Wonderful Listen

(5 Sterne)

This Wodehouse wasn't as outright comical as others but it still shines with his wonderful characters, situations, and writing. Mark Nelson gives another fantastic reading. When I read Wodehouse I now hear all of the characters in my head as if voiced by Mark Nelson. I highly recommend this combination of writer and reader.


(5 Sterne)

Wow, this is such a good tale that as soon as it concluded the first time I started it from the beginning all over again. Highly, highly entertaining; one of Wodehouse's all-time best. Fantastic! And a wonderful job by the Librivox volunteer reader as well!!

Delightful, of course!

(4,5 Sterne)

It is becoming increasingly more clear to me that Wodehouse was a true master of comedy. He weaved his words into witty phrases that leave me laughing and awed. The narration is professional quality!

Not bad

(3 Sterne)

slow burner, comes into it's own in the second half when all the characters are in position. of course, reading by Mr Nelson is excellent as always.

(5 Sterne)

very good reader, cute light story

Mark Nelson and P G Wodehouse

(5 Sterne)

Mark Nelson and P G Wodehouse make for an unbeatable duo in bringing laughter and other good stories to me and, I know to many others. Thank you Mr. Nelson for giving of your time and lending your wonderful voice in reading this story and many others. I am a Veteran and have had some bad times with PTSD for many years and if you could only realize how much you have been able to lift some of the burden from some sad memories, you might pat yourself on your back as I thank you from my heart. May God bless you for that.

Very funny and even more clever !

(5 Sterne)

I enjoyed this very much.Thank you to the professional reader who did a perfect narration.Towards the last few chapters, there was only one point where the star-crossed lovers seemed so unable to communicate with each other effectively and dragged it on forever about which one was more undeserving of happiness that I just wanted to hit them both over the head with a large wet sponge! lol But of course it all ended well with surprises up to the last moment. Mr. White, the butler, was a very interesting character. Highly recommended for great entertainment.

(5 Sterne)

This book was so enjoyable,. The characters were not the usual cast of Wodehouse upper class ninnies. Here he has given us an assortment of oddities who complicate matters for the main character, Peter, who has obligated himself to protect a quite disagreeable child from being kidnapped. I am surprised that a director like Preston Sturgiss never adapted this story into a screwball comedy. It would have been perfect with Cary Grant. Mark Nelson does a great job.