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The Sea Lady

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The Sea Lady is a novel written by H. G. Wells. It was serialized from July to December 1901 in Pearson's Magazine before being published by D. Appleton and Co. in 1902. The story involves a mermaid who comes ashore in Edwardian England. Based on past knowledge gleaned from literature cast into the sea, and with the help of newly made human friends, she attempts to become part of well mannered society. (Summary by Wikipedia) (4 hr 24 min)


The Coming of the Sea Lady


Read by ToddHW

Some First Impressions


Read by Ed Humpal

The Episode of the Various Journalists


Read by deongines

The Quality of Parker


Read by deongines

The Absence and Return of Mr. Harry Chatteris


Read by Tony Foster

Symptomatic, part 1


Read by Tony Foster

Symptomatic, part 2


Read by Tony Foster

Symptomatic, part 3


Read by Jairus Amar

The Crisis, part 1


Read by deongines

The Crisis, part 2


Read by deongines

The Crisis, part 3


Read by deongines

Moonshine Triumphant


Read by Marina Tsung


Haphazard Reading

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This recording was done by a team of readers with each chapter taken on by a different person and in a different style. At least two of the readers were very good and they sounded more like they were reciting their own story rather than reading a script. Most, however, gave uncomfortable performances with mispronounced words, pauses where they didn't belong, and vocal inflections that did not match with the scenes being read.

So not his best work !!!

(2 Sterne)

This is so not Wells’ best work ! It’s more plot scripted hack “trash for cash” than even the modern day romance novels are sitting on the bottom row of paperback books in an Arkansas truck stop !!! I can not believe I wasted time reading/listening to the entire book, then wasted more doing this review ...