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Songs of a Sourdough

Gelesen von Phil Benson

(4,75 Sterne; 6 Bewertungen)

Reputedly the best-selling poetry collection of the 20th century, 'Songs of a Sourdough' is best known for Robert W. Service's classic Yukon ballads, 'The Shooting of Dan McGrew' and 'The Cremation of Sam McGhee'. Service was born in Preston, Lancashire, and grew up in Scotland. In his twenties, he made his way to Canada and settled in the Yukon where he worked as a bank clerk but evidently dreamed of more adventurous pursuits. Service's readings of his poems show that he could adopt either a Scottish or North American accent. Here they are read in an accent that is not too far removed from the place of his birth. - Summary by Phil Benson (1 hr 27 min)


The Law of the Yukon; The Parson's Son; The Spell of the Yukon


Read by Phil Benson

The Call of the Wild; The Lone Trail; The Heart of the Sourdough; The Three Voi…


Read by Phil Benson

The Pines; The Harpy; The Lure of Little Voices; The Song of the Wage Slave; Gr…


Read by Phil Benson

The Shooting of Dan McGrew


Read by Phil Benson

The Cremation of Sam McGhee


Read by Phil Benson

My Madonna; Unforgotten; The Reckoning; Quatrains; The Men that Don't Fit in; M…


Read by Phil Benson

The Low Down White; The Little Old Log Cabin; The Younger Son; The March of the…


Read by Phil Benson

The Rhyme of the Restless Ones; New Years Eve; Comfort; Premonition; The Tramps…


Read by Phil Benson