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Love Among the Chickens

Gelesen von Mark Nelson

(4,419 Sterne; 773 Bewertungen)

Jeremy Garnet, a second-rate novelist, gets talked into joining his old pal Stanley Featheringstonehaugh Ukridge in an insane plan to start a chicken ranch. Garnet should bail out on his crazy friend, but he falls in love with one of Ukridge's neighbors, Phyllis. Soon he is up to his neck in sick chickens, bad debts, a hostile future father-in-law, a sinister plot, and dirty golf. It all gets a bit thick, what? (Summary by Mark Nelson) (5 hr 56 min)


A Letter With a Postscript


Read by Mark Nelson

Mr. and Mrs. S.F. Ukridge


Read by Mark Nelson

Waterloo Station, Some Fellow-Travellers, and a Girl with Brown Hair


Read by Mark Nelson

The Arrival


Read by Mark Nelson

Buckling To


Read by Mark Nelson

Mr. Garnet's Narrative - Has to do with a Reunion


Read by Mark Nelson

The Entente Cordiale is Sealed


Read by Mark Nelson

A Little Dinner at Ukridge's


Read by Mark Nelson

Dies Irea


Read by Mark Nelson

I Enlist the Services of a Minion


Read by Mark Nelson

The Brave Preserver


Read by Mark Nelson

Some Emotion and Yellow Lupin


Read by Mark Nelson

Tea and Tennis


Read by Mark Nelson

A Council of War


Read by Mark Nelson

The Arrival of Nemesis


Read by Mark Nelson

A Chance Meeting


Read by Mark Nelson

Of A Sentimental Nature


Read by Mark Nelson

Ukridge Gives Me Advice


Read by Mark Nelson

Asking Papa


Read by Mark Nelson

Scientific Golf


Read by Mark Nelson

The Calm Before the Storm


Read by Mark Nelson

The Storm Breaks


Read by Mark Nelson

After the Storm


Read by Mark Nelson


Another wonderful pairing of Wodehouse and Mark Nelson

(5 Sterne)

I had to warm up to the Ukridge character. I mean, "it's a bit hard" to understand why Garnet would have anything to do with such a Buffoon. But once the story gets going and the initial shock of Ukridge's personality dies down there is much to enjoy in this story. As always Marks reading is flawless and his character voices are spot on. It is easy to recommend anything Read by Mark Nelson and he does a particularly great job when he reads Wodehouse.

You Must Read This

(5 Sterne)

Ukridge has a good heart & good intentions but doesn't seem to want to research ventures before going into them. So, he does make your head shake often but you can't help but love him. Near the end when he's in the pool cheering his friend to fight for the girl he loves is when I couldn't help but laugh out loud, a lot! This happened when hearing about the hen named after his aunt earlier. A pure Wodehouse delight!

great stuff

(5 Sterne)

All these blighted critical reviews, it’s hard. To quote our good author, “If there is one thing I dislike, it is the man who tries to air his grievances when I wish to air mine.” Mr Woodhouse is hilarious. It’s not the destination, it’s the journey people. And to our dear reader, keep it up old horse!

Humorous and 'jolly good fun'

(4 Sterne)

A witty, lighthearted romance centered around chickens - what is there not to love?! The reader is superb, the plot pure comedy, and the author on point. This was my first experience with P. G. Wodehouse, and I definitely would like to listen to more of his work. Preferably read by Mark Nelson! Just a note: while this story can be enjoyed by everyone, it will be even more hilarious if you have some knowledge of chickens and their daily needs; or if, like myself, you own a backyard flock. Enjoy!

Love those chickens, what?

(4,5 Sterne)

Excellent reading of a fun book. Mark Nelson reads the text with an enthusiasm and style that brings the text to life as well as the characters and the genteel world they inhabit. I suspect he is a true fan of the author.

(5 Sterne)

Funny! Love Among the Chickens was a humorous and witty novel that had plenty of colorful characters. The reader was perfect, and I definitely recommend this audiobook for some lighter reading. It made me chuckle throughout, and I hope you will too.

Light-hearted and funny

(5 Sterne)

A sweet and silly tale well written and excellently read. Would highly recommend this to those who are looking for a good laugh, light hearted storyline and humorous narration.

(5 Sterne)

"P.G. Wodehouse" is all I need to see to know I will enjoy the book. I only discovered him a few years back (thanks Librivox). I sure enjoy Mark Nelson's reading. :-))