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How to Tell a Story, and Other Essays

Gelesen von Claudia Salto

(3,909 Sterne; 22 Bewertungen)

In his inimitable way, Mark Twain gives sound advice about how to tell a story, then lets us in on some curious incidents he experienced, and finishes with a trip that proves life-changing. - Summary by Claudia Salto (0 hr 59 min)


How to Tell a Story, The Wounded Soldier, The Golden Arm


Read by Claudia Salto

Mental Telegraphy Again


Read by Claudia Salto

The Invalid's Story


Read by Claudia Salto


(4 Sterne)

I loved this. I think the reader did a sterling job.

first reader needs improvement

(1 Sterne)

I could understand the first reader but her english was so broken up that it was very distracting while I was trying to listen to the story.