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Richard Middleton

This is a volume of poetry by English poet Richard Middleton. While hardly known to readers anymore today, Middleton's poems, stories, and e…

Short Nonfiction Collection, Vol. 049

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Sixteen short nonfiction works in the public domain, independently chosen by the readers. Topics include science and natural history--carniv…

Edmond Dantès

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Edmund Flagg

"Edmond Dantès" the Sequel to Alexander Dumas' masterpiece, "The Count of Monte-Cristo," is a novel that will del…

Birds and Nature, Vol. VIII, No 4, November 1900

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"Birds and Nature" was a monthly publication of the Nature Study Publishing Company of Chicago. It includes short poems and brief …

The Long Run by Edith Wharton

Read by VfkaBT

Edith Wharton

A wealthy bachelor businessman looks back on the romance that he fumbled with a beautiful married woman he and his college buddy both had cr…

Poetic Trios

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We selected some of our favourite poets for this collection, including Dante, Fitzgerald, Keats, Barrett Browning, Lear, Carroll, Milton, Mo…

After Dark

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Wilkie Collins

William Kerby is in danger of losing his sight, which would hit him especially hard as he is a painter. Only rest can preserve it, but a man…


Read by karampas1968


ο Μενέξενος θαυμάσιον σατυρικόν κομψοτέχνημα του Πλάτωνος — μία ειρωνική σάτυρα και σατυρική ειρωνεία κατά των ρητόρων εκείνης της εποχής κα…

The Boy Scouts on the Trail

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St. George Henry Rathborne

The Silver Fox Patrol is up in the Maine Woods, hiking and hunting for big game. The boys find out that guns, and other explosives, can be …

The Short Life

Read by Peter Eastman

Francis Donovan

At two years old, Timmy was an imbecile, incapable of talking or controlling his own body. At four years old, he abruptly stood up and bega…

Bible (Reina Valera) NT 08: 2 Corintios

Read by Joyfull


Esta segunda carta de Pablo a los Corintios es intensamente personal; el apóstol Pablo revela sus sentimientos y emociones, sus ambic…

The Problems of Philosophy

Read by Landon D. C. Elkind

Bertrand Russell

This 1912 book remains among the most widely-used and well-written introductions to philosophy in English. It was aimed to be an accessible …

Selected Poems

Read by Newgatenovelist

Arthur Hugh Clough

During his short but eventful life, Arthur Hugh Clough wrote poems on subjects as varied as religious doubt, European politics and social in…

With Cortez in Mexico, or By Right of Conquest

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G. A. Henty

In perhaps the most audacious military enterprise in the history of human conquest, Cortez, with only a few hundred men, conquered a civili…

Molly Brown's Freshman Days

Read by Debbie R. Baker Robinson

Nell Speed

Molly Brown has left Kentucky for the first time, to enter Wellington University. She has much to learn about college life, but she meets m…

My Last Duchess

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Robert Browning

NOTES: "My Last Duchess" puts in the mouth of a Duke of Ferrara, a typical husband and art patron of the Renaissance, a d…

Afternoon in School - the last lesson

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D. H. Lawrence

David Herbert Lawrence was an English novelist, poet, playwright, essayist, literary critic and painter. His collected works represent, amon…

Pamela, Volume 2

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Samuel Richardson

Pamela, tells the story of a 15-year old maidservant named Pamela Andrews, whose country landowner master, Mr. B, makes unwanted advances to…

The Mysteries of London Vol. II

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George W. M. Reynolds

The Mysteries of London was a best-selling novel in mid-Victorian England, published in four volumes. This is the second volume. Initially s…

Under Fire: The Story of a Squad

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Henri Barbusse

An English translation of the French World War I novel "Le Feu", written by a French soldier and dedicated to "the memory of …

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