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Toby Tyler or Ten Weeks with a Circus

Read by LibriVox Volunteers

James Otis

Toby Tyler tells the story of a ten year-old orphan who runs away from a foster home to join the traveling circus only to discover his new e…

Don't Marry

Read by LibriVox Volunteers

James W. Donovan

This book doesn't advise against marriage but just offers advice on the errors some people can make who make the wrong choice when entering …

Household Puzzles

Read by TriciaG


Household Puzzles peeks into the life of the Randolph family, four daughters and one son. They are financially strapped but must follow soci…

The Adopting of Rosa Marie

Read by LibriVox Volunteers

Carroll Watson Rankin

In this charming girl's book we meet again the four chums of Dandelion Cottage. Their friendship knit closer than ever by their summer at pl…

The Teacup Club (Dramatic Version)

Read by LibriVox Volunteers

Eliza Armstrong

The Teacup Club (For the Advancement of Woman) is formed when Dorothy decides to found an intellectual club of her own - to teach her fiance…

Little Prudy's Sister Susy

Read by Tess Leigh

Rebecca Sophia Clarke

Little Prudy’s Sister Suzy is the second book in the Little Prudy series. It follows three sisters, aged 3 to 8, through the Christmas break…

Het leven van Johannes Wouter Blommesteyn - deel 2

Read by Marcel Coenders

Adriaan Loosjes Pzn.

Na de beschrijving van de ideale Nederlandse man uit de 17de eeuw (Maurits Lijnslager) en de ideale Nederlandse vrouw uit het midden van de …

The Little Colonel at Boarding-School

Read by LibriVox Volunteers

Annie Fellows Johnston

Because of the illness of her grandfahter, Lloyd Sherman, the Little Colonel, finds herself being sent off to boarding school from her home …

The Visioning, A Novel

Read by LibriVox Volunteers

Susan Glaspell

"The Visioning, Susan Glaspell's second novel, tells about Katie Jones, a young woman who lives in the comfortable world she knows with…

An Old-Fashioned Thanksgiving (Dramatic Reading)

Read by LibriVox Volunteers

Louisa May Alcott

When a neighbor brings word that Grandma is sick, Mr. and Mrs. Bassett hurry off to tend to her, leaving their seven children to prepare for…

Policy and Passion

Read by LibriVox Volunteers

Rosa Campbell Praed

"Policy and Passion, a Novel of Australian Life" tells the story about a father and daughter, torn between the policy of the count…

The Mother and the Child

Read by Edith van der Have-Raats

Maria Montessori

"The mother and the child" is a lecture given by Maria Montessori in 1915. The famous educational reformer speaks about the import…

Marriage, volume 2

Read by LibriVox Volunteers

Susan Edmonstoune Ferrier

Lady Juliana is the daughter of the Earl of Courtland. She receives a marriage proposal from a wealthy Duke but much to the horror of her fa…

The Bobbsey Twins on the Deep Blue Sea

Read by Nan Dodge

Laura Lee Hope

This is the 11th in the original series of books about the Bobbseys -- two sets of twins in one family, solving mysteries and having adventu…

The Bobbsey Twins in the Country

Read by Lee Ann Howlett

Laura Lee Hope

The second book in The Bobbsey Twins series finds the two sets of twins experiencing life in the country during the first part of their summ…

Tea Drinking In 18th-Century America: Its Etiquette And Equipage

Read by David Wales

Rodris Roth

The title of this 1961 Smithsonian Institution bulletin says it all. “In 18th-century America, the pleasant practice of taking tea at home …

The Chinese Kitten

Read by LibriVox Volunteers

Edna Adelaide Brown

Lucy and Dora are so excited to learn they will be sleeping in a tent at the beach! Then Mother and Uncle Dan tell them that their kitten, T…

The Wheat Princess

Read by Celine Major

Jean Webster

Marcia Copley, an American Heiress, comes to Rome. Typically for the period, she may want to attract an aristocrat. He brings the title, she…

Elsie at Nantucket

Read by Amy

Martha Finley

Elsie and her family travel to Nantucket Island to spend the summer. The Raymond children and others learn important lessons. After a deligh…

Charlie and His Kitten Topsy

Read by linny

Helen Hill

A darling story of little Charlie and his adventures with cats and kittens and how he became many things. Also how the kitten Topsy, unhapp…

The Little Colonel's Hero

Read by LibriVox Volunteers

Annie Fellows Johnston

In this sixth volume of “The Little Colonel Series” for girls, Lloyd is surprised with a gift for her twelfth birthday, of a summer trip to …

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