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MFH 1951-02-24 #120 The 2 Mothers-in-Law (aka Decoy Ducks)

In My Favorite Husband 109 Eps


(109 Episodes) (AFRTS Programs Listed) "My Favorite Husband" ... was/is a 1948-1951, 124 episode, CBS Radio situation comedy. The …

02 - The Law of Club and Fang

In The Call of the Wild (Version 3)

Read by Mark F. Smith

Jack London

Buck is living a happy life in California until he is sold to pay a gambling debt. Taken to the Klondike to become a sled dog, Buck must tou…

Samuel Weller makes a Pilgrimage to Dorking, and beholds his Mother-in-law

In The Pickwick Papers

Read by Debra Lynn

Charles Dickens

The Posthumous Papers of the Pickwick Club, better known as The Pickwick Papers, is the first novel by Charles Dickens. Written for publicat…

Self Made

Read by M. Darusha Wehm

M. Darusha Wehm

Ever wish things were different? Ivy Velasquez did, so she became someone else. In the 3D virtual world Marionette City, you can be anything…

The Law's Delay

In The Lone Ranger Page 01


Old Time Radio Programs, The Lone Ranger

30 - The Astonishing Institution Called Criminal Law

In Resurrection, Book 2

Read by Phil Griffiths

Leo Tolstoy

Resurrection is the last of Tolstoy's major fiction works published in his lifetime. Tolstoy intended the novel as an exposition of injustic…

The Conquest of Canaan

Read by Bob R

Booth Tarkington

Small town middle America in early 1900's---Ne'er-do-well Joe Louden loves daughter of wealthy judge, from afar---leaves town, goes to law s…

Roderick Hudson

Read by Nicholas Clifford

Henry James

Published as a serial in 1875, Roderick Hudson is James's first important novel. The theme of Americans in Europe, so important in much of J…

The Fixed Period

Read by LibriVox Volunteers

Anthony Trollope

This book is set in 1980 in the Republic of Britannula, which is a fictional island near New Zealand. It deals with euthanasia as a radical …

Integrating Technology, Science, Law, Economics, and Politics: Development of Pr…

In Oxford Martin School: Public Lectures and Seminars

Read by Kenneth Richards


University of Oxford Podcasts

The Raider's Lament

Read by Joseph Jaquinta

Joseph Jaquinta

No honest business is ever conducted at an L3 point. But the crew of the Raider's Lament make a living doing jobs that don't fall into norma…

Bible (ASV) NT 09: Galatians

Read by Sam Stinson

American Standard Version

The Epistle to the Galatians is a book of the New Testament. It is a letter from Paul of Tarsus to a number of early Christian communities i…

The Man in Lower Ten

Read by MaryAnn

Mary Roberts Rinehart

Someone had to take the bank notes to Pittsburgh and take a statement from John Gilmore confirming that they were indeed forged. It was McKn…

CC180: Crime And Peter Chambers and In The Name Of The Law

In CaseClosed1

Crime stories from the golden age. Old Time Radio is filled with cops, robbers, and private investigators...Lets reopen the cases and hear t…

Chapter XXVII, The Vagaries Of The Higher Law

In The Marrow of Tradition

Read by James K. White

Charles Waddell Chesnutt

In The Marrow of Tradition, Charles W. Chesnutt--using the 1898 Wilmington, North Carolina massacre as a backdrop--probes and exposes the ra…

18 - Exposition of the Moral Law, pt 5

In Institutes of the Christian Religion, Book 2

Read by Sienna

John Calvin

Institutes of the Christian Religion is John Calvin's seminal work on Protestant systematic theology. Highly influential in the Western worl…

19 - Christ, Though Known to the Jews Under the Law

In Institutes of the Christian Religion, Book 2

Read by TriciaG

John Calvin

Institutes of the Christian Religion is John Calvin's seminal work on Protestant systematic theology. Highly influential in the Western worl…

Homily 16, Part 1 - MT 5:17-20: On Christ, the Fulfillment of the Law

In The Sermon on the Mount - Commentary

Read by A LibriVox Volunteer

St. John Chrysostom

Saint John Chrysostom's Homilies 15-25, on the Gospel of Saint Matthew, expound upon Matthew Chapters 5-7, known as The Sermon on the Mount,…

Lecture VIII: Newton and the Law of Gravitation

In Pioneers of Science

Read by Edward W. LaBonte

Oliver Lodge

This book takes its origin in a course of lectures on the history and progress of Astronomy arranged for Sir Oliver Lodge in the year 1887. …

04 - Thursday: Dr. Mike

In 7th Son: 7 Days (Prequel Anthology)

Read by J.C. Hutchins

J.C. Hutchins

7th Son: 7 Days is a audio prequel anthology to J.C. Hutchins' thriller novel, 7th Son: Descent. Set two weeks before Descent’s extraordinar…

The Inner Shrine

Read by Simon Evers

Basil King

At the opening of this story Diane Eveleth returns from a party in Paris to her mother-in-law, who tells her that her husband George Eveleth…

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