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Democracy in America Vol. I

Read by LibriVox Volunteers

Alexis De Tocqueville

When Tocqueville visited America in the 1830s he found a thriving democracy of a kind he had not seen anywhere else. Many of his insightful …

The Problems of Philosophy

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Bertrand Russell

The Problems of Philosophy is one of Bertrand Russell's attempts to create a brief and accessible guide to the problems of philosophy. Focus…

The Mind and the Brain

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Alfred Binet

The authorized translation of L’âme et le corps, F. Legge, editor“This book is a prolonged effort to establish a distinction between w…

On the Laws

Read by Geoffrey Edwards

Marcus Tullius Cicero

On the Laws (Latin: De Legibus) was written shortly after Cicero's "On the Commonwealth" during the last years of the Roman Republ…

An Enquiry Concerning Human Understanding

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David Hume

The Enquiry Concerning Human Understanding is a shortened and simplified version of Hume's masterpiece A Treatise of Human Nature. It sough…

De l’homme considéré comme un être sociable – De la vertu et du vice

Read by René Depasse


Voici les deux derniers des neuf chapitres du Traité de métaphysique qui s’ajoutent aux quatre déjà publi&eac…

De l’âme

Read by René Depasse


Un Voltaire sérieux et pédagogue, qui oublie ironie et polémique, nous fait réfléchir sur le problè…

Beyond Good and Evil

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Friedrich Nietzsche

First published in 1886 at Nietzsche’s own expense, the book was not initially considered important. In it, Nietzsche denounced what he cons…

God and the State

Read by Carl Manchester

Mikhail Bakunin

Bakunin's most famous work, published in various lengths, this version is the most complete form of the work published hitherto. Originally …

Essays in Radical Empiricism

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William James

William James (1842 – 1910) was a pioneering American psychologist and philosopher. He wrote influential books on the young science of psych…

Comment on doit écouter

Read by Cyprien


« Combien de gens se font du tort, parce qu’ils veulent savoir parler avant que d’avoir appris à écouter avec fruit…

A Romp Through Philosophy for Complete Beginners

Read by Marianne Talbot

Marianne Talbot

University of Oxford Podcasts

La République (Livre neuvième)

Read by Ludovic Coudert


« Socrate.- Il nous reste à examiner le caractère du tyran dans l’individu, comment l’homme tyrannique naît de l’h…

The Critique of Pure Reason

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Immanuel Kant

The Critique of Pure Reason, first published in 1781 with a second edition in 1787, has been called the most influential and important philo…


Read by Geoffrey Edwards


Metaphysics (Ancient Greek: ΜΕΤΑ ΤΑ ΦΥΣΙΚΑ; Latin: METAPHYSICA; English: After the Physics) discusses topics including substance, accident, …

The Theory of Moral Sentiments (First Edition)

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Adam Smith

"How selfish soever man may be supposed, there are evidently some principles in his nature, which interest him in the fortunes of other…

Omens and Superstitions of Southern India

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Edgar Thurston

This book deals mainly with some aspects of what may be termed the psychical life of the inhabitants of the Madras Presidency, and the Nativ…

On the Popular Judgment: That may be Right in Theory, but does not Hold Good in …

Read by D.E. Wittkower

Immanuel Kant

This tripartite essay – published variously as “On the Popular Judgment” (J. Richardson trans.), “On the Old Saw” (E.B. Ashton trans.), or “…

Perpetual Peace: A Philosophic Essay (Hastie Translation)

Read by D.E. Wittkower

Immanuel Kant

This essay, written in 1795, puts forth a plan for a lasting peace between nations and peoples. Kant puts forth necessary means to any peace…

Principia Ethica

Read by Fredrik Karlsson

George Edward Moore

George Edward Moore, usually known as G. E. Moore, (1873 – 1958) was a distinguished and influential English philosopher. He was, with Bertr…

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