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A Dark Night's Work

Read by LibriVox Volunteers

Elizabeth Cleghorn Gaskell

Love, murder and class commentary in Mrs Gaskell's usual brilliant style! This novel was originally serialised and published by Charles Dick…

Uncle's Dream

Read by Greg Giordano

Fyodor Dostoyevsky

Uncle’s Dream by Fyodor Dostoyevsky was written following his five year exile to Siberia where he was sent to serve in a hard labor camp. F…

L' undecimo comandamento

Read by paolo67

Anton Giulio Barrili

La tranquillità di una cittadina di provincia, il progetto di uno zelante sottoprefetto e la vita sentimentale della signorina Adele …

The Brothers Karamazov (version 2)

Read by Tony Addison

Fyodor Dostoyevsky

Described as the Great Book of Wonders by Arthur Miller, this everyday tale of fraternal affection, sibling rivalry, obsession, lust, parric…

La Señora de Bovary

Read by Victor Villarraza

Gustave Flaubert

La soñadora Emma, una joven de provincias casada con Charles Bovary, quien la ama pero es incapaz de comprenderla y satisfacerla, bus…

A Lear of the Steppes, etc.

Read by Lee Smalley

Ivan Turgenev

This book contains three novellas by one of the major writers of Russian literature. The first, A LEAR OF THE STEPPES, is a brilliant re-ima…

The Liar

Read by Deborah Percy

Henry James

A successful painter reconnects with the woman he once loved during a visit to an English country house. His surprise is great when he learn…

Bartleby the Scrivener, A Story of Wall Street.

Read by Bob Tassinari

Herman Melville

"Bartleby the Scrivener: A Story of Wall Street" is a short story by Herman Melville. The story first appeared, anonymously, in Pu…

Los pazos de Ulloa

Read by Mongope

Emilia Pardo Bazán

Los pazos de Ulloa es una novela de Emilia Pardo Bazán (1851-1921) publicada por primera vez en 1886. Se trata, dentro del realismo l…


Read by Martin Geeson

Honoré de Balzac

In his startling and tragic novella Farewell (‘Adieu’), Balzac adds to the 19th century’s literature of the hysterical woman: sequestered, c…

God's fool

Read by Anna Simon

Maarten Maartens

At the age of nine, Elias Lossell becomes deaf and blind from an accident. Communication with him becomes difficult, and mentally, he never …

A Daughter Of The Vine

Read by Lynne T

Gertrude Atherton

We are introduced to Englishman Dudley Thorpe on the evening of his arrival in California. At a ball, he is introduced to several belles, in…

Dombey and Son (version 2)

Read by Cynthia Lyons (1946-2011)

Charles Dickens

Dombey and Son is a novel by the Victorian author Charles Dickens. The story concerns Paul Dombey, the wealthy owner of the shipping company…

Das Kloster bei Sendomir

Read by Availle

Franz Grillparzer

Zwei Ritter treffen spät in der Nacht im Kloster von Sendomir ein und bitten dort um Unterschlupf, der ihnen gewährt wird. Von ein…

Michael Kohlhaas (Version 2)

Read by Hans Hafen

Heinrich von Kleist

Die Novelle spielt in der Mitte des 16. Jahrhunderts und handelt vom Pferdehändler Michael Kohlhaas, der gegen ein Unrecht, das man ihm…


Read by Ramona Deininger-Schnabel

Arthur Schnitzler

Felix, Hypochonder und Patient bei seinem Freund, dem Arzt Alfred, hält sich für todsterbenskrank. Also will er Gewissheit und hol…

The Canadians of Old

Read by Bruce Pirie

Philippe Aubert De Gaspé

In his mid-70s, Philippe Aubert de Gaspé took on the project of recording the culture and heritage of French Canada, especially that …

Der Schuß von der Kanzel

Read by Hans Hafen

Conrad Ferdinand Meyer

Der Schuß von der Kanzel ist eine humoristische Novelle von Conrad Ferdinand Meyer (1825–1898), die vom Werk Gottfried Kellers beeinfl…

Rachel Gray

Read by Lynne T

Julia Kavanagh

Kavanagh's books feature strong young women, like herself, and had much popular appeal among that audience during her lifetime. She lived mo…

Cumbres Borrascosas

Read by Mongope

Emily Brontë

Cumbres Borrascosas, es considerada una de las obras maestras de la literatura inglesa. Narra la historia de amor entre Heatchliff y Catheri…

Faraon (tom 1)

Read by Piotr Nater

Bolesław Prus

Młody następca tronu, Ramzes, oczekuje dnia, kiedy ojciec powierzy mu nowe stanowisko dowódcy części armii. Jednak z upływem czasu, w…

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