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Suspense 04


Old Time Radio Programs. Very well done Mystery series. Download Whole directory Page 1 Page 2 Page 3 Page 3 You Are On Page 4 Page 5 Page 6…

The Devil's Paw

Read by Tom Weiss

E. Phillips Oppenheim

A beautiful, intelligent young woman – is she a traitorous spy or a patriot? An aristocratic soldier permanently injured during the war – is…

Suspense Dunwich Horror With Ronald Colman 11 01 45


H.P. Lovecraft tale about a 'thing' conjured up by a deformed outcast which feeds only on massive amounts of blood.

Tom of the Raiders

Read by Brett W. Downey

Austin Bishop

Young Adult historical fiction of a young man joining the Union Army and taking part in the Great Locomotive Chase. (Summary by Brett Downey…

Quintus Oakes: A Detective Story

Read by LibriVox Volunteers

Charles Ross Jackson

There have been a series of assaults at the manor house, one sending the mistress of the house insane with fear, another escalating to murde…

The Second Bat Guano War

Read by J.M. Porup

J.M. Porup

From former Lonely Planet author J.M. Porup comes this classic South American noir... Rats ate his baby daughter while he partied in a disco…

Falling - Book 1 - The Sleep of Reason

Read by Nicholas Lim

Nicholas Lim

"Every epidemic begins with a first infection, a first death" A doctor is investigating three unusual deaths on the south coast of…

New World Orders

Read by Edward G. Talbot

Edward G. Talbot

In the nineteen-sixties, a group of wealthy men concludes that it's already too late to stop global warming from destroying the planet. But …

The Zeppelin's Passenger

Read by Tom Weiss

E. Phillips Oppenheim

The Zeppelin’s Passenger is a tale of German espionage in England during World War I. Dreymarsh is a fictional “backwater” area in England w…

The God Conspiracy

Read by Derek Gilbert

Derek Gilbert

One e-mail. Five lines. 4,000 dead. And it is only just beginning… When a small boy in Iowa forwards a mysterious email from ‘God’ to a smal…


Read by LibriVox Volunteers

Winston S. Churchill

Savrola: A Tale of the Revolution in Laurania is the only major fictional work of Sir Winston S. Churchill. The story describes events in th…

7th Son: 7 Days (Prequel Anthology)

Read by J.C. Hutchins

J.C. Hutchins

7th Son: 7 Days is a audio prequel anthology to J.C. Hutchins' thriller novel, 7th Son: Descent. Set two weeks before Descent’s extraordinar…

The Scarlet Pimpernel (version 3 dramatic reading)

Read by LibriVox Volunteers

Baroness Emma Orczy

Baroness Emma ("Emmuska") Orczy (September 23, 1865 – November 12, 1947) was a British novelist, playwright and artist of Hungaria…


Read by David Wood

David Wood

Some legends are true. It is a myth out of history, spawned by Native American lore and the stories of Spanish Explorers. But what if the le…

The Devil's Garden

Read by Tom Weiss

William Babington Maxwell

Risque for its time, but tame by today's standards, The Devil's Garden is a story of passion and mystery. William Dale, the main character o…

Short Science Fiction Collection 057

Read by LibriVox Volunteers


Science fiction is a genre encompassing imaginative works that take place in this world or that of the author’s creation where anything is p…

Suspense 01


Old Time Radio Programs. Very well done Mystery series. You are on Page 1 Page 2 Page 3 Page 3 Page 4 Page 5 Page 6 Page 7 Page 8 Page 9 Fin…

Miss Pim's Camouflage

Read by Grant Hurlock

Dorothy Tennant

Mid-WWI, staid Englishwoman Miss Perdita Pim suffers a sunstroke gardening & gains the power of invisibility. She becomes a super-secre…

Brain Twister

Read by Catharine Eastman

Laurence M. Janifer

"Mark Phillips" is, or are, two writers: Randall Garrett and Laurence M. Janifer. Their joint pen-name, derived from their middle …

The Secret Agent

Read by LibriVox Volunteers

Joseph Conrad

The Secret Agent is Conrad's dark, and darkly comic story of a band of spies, anarchists, agents-provocateurs plotting and counter-plotting…

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