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Chapters 4 and 5

In Comic History of the United States

Read by Allyson Hester

Bill Nye

This text takes the reader on a comical journey from the time of the first European settlement through the Civil War. The author's caustic w…

Part 1

In Worldwide Effects of Nuclear War: Some Perspectives

Read by Allyson Hester

U.S. Arms Control and Disarmament Agency and United States Arms Control And Disarmament Agency

This is a concise yet thorough explanation of what might happen to our world in the aftermath of a nuclear war. The myriad of potential effe…

Chapter XIII

In A Short Life of Abraham Lincoln

Read by Allyson Hester

John G. Nicolay and John George Nicolay

John G. Nicolay was Abraham Lincoln’s private White House secretary. With assistant secretary, John Hay, he wrote the two volume definitive …

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