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The Mysteries of Paris - Volume 6

Read by Celine Major

Eugène Sue

Rodolphe, who is really the Grand Duke of Gerolstein (a fictional kingdom of Germany) but is disguised as a Parisian worker. He can speak in…

The Young Pretenders

Read by Celine Major

Edith Henrietta Fowler

Delightful and touching this wonderful little story should appeal to both the young and young at heart. Having lived happily with their gran…

The Barnaby's in America: Final sequel to The Widow Barnaby

Read by Celine Major

Frances Milton Trollope

I scruple not to confess that with all her faults, and she has some, I love her dearly : I owe her many mirthful moments, and the deeper ple…

Rose Mather: A Tale

Read by Celine Major

Mary Jane Holmes

Fiction merges with history in this novel taking place during the turbulent times of the civil war and the horrors it entailed. Holme's sill…

The Women of the American Revolution Volume 1

Read by Celine Major

Elizabeth F. Ellet

Excerpt from Preface: Their patriotic sacrifices were made with an enthusiasm that showed the earnest spirit ready on every occasion to appe…

The Ins and Outs of Paris or Paris by Day and Night

Read by Celine Major

Julie de Marguerittes

Paris has been often described, by travelers, by artists, by savants, by friends and by enemies, yet it was after reading most of the works …

War and Women

Read by Celine Major

Mabel Annie Stobart

"The sending of a Women’s Convoy Corps to the Balkans was the result of Mrs. Stobart’s keen desire to demonstrate the ability of women …


Read by Celine Major

Ernest Oldmeadow

Susan is a perfect gem of a maid until suddenly she begins to mess things ups and is so distracted that her mistress Gertrude is determined …

Cousin Maude

Read by Celine Major

Mary Jane Holmes

When Matilda's husband James dies, she marries rich Dr. Kennedy thinking he will provide a good home for her daughter Maude. However, the do…


Read by Celine Major

Émile Zola

Excerpt from Introduction: "Nana" stands third in popularity among the Zola novels. It is a study of the prostitute type and it g…

The Mistress of Shenstone

Read by Celine Major

Florence Louisa Barclay

For those of you who enjoyed The Rosary by Florence Barclay, this one will come in as a close second. When Lady Myra Ingleby learns by teleg…

Philomène's Marriages

Read by Celine Major

Henry Gréville

'Philomène’s Marriages' is a story of French life, located in Normandy, and also in Paris, and is a translation from the French of a …

The Hundredth Chance

Read by Celine Major

Ethel M. Dell

In this prequel to "Charles Rex'' by Ethel M. Dell you will meet the aristocratic blackguard Lord Saltash for whom our distressed heroi…

My Flirtations

Read by Celine Major

Ella Hepworth Dixon

Many novels, most notably Hannah Webster's The Coquette, focused on how terrible it is for a woman to flirt before her marriage. "I did…

Count Frontenac and New France under Louis XIV

Read by Celine Major

Francis Parkman, Jr.

Part five of Francis Parkman's multi-volume series France and England in North America is but one of the masterful narratives that have earn…

Recollections of Napoleon at St. Helena

Read by Celine Major

Elizabeth Balcombe Abell

In this memoir written by Betsy Balcombe, who was a precocious 14 year old at the time of events, we are provided with a rare account of the…

Alice of Old Vincennes

Read by Celine Major

Maurice Thompson

This entertaining book of adventure, love and war was a Bestseller in 1900 and 1901. The heroine Alice Roussillon is a brave young woman who…

The Suffragette: The History of the Women's Militant Suffrage Movement

Read by Celine Major

E. Sylvia Pankhurst

This history of the Women's Suffrage agitation is written at a time when the question is in the very forefront of British politics. What the…

Charles Rex

Read by Celine Major

Ethel M. Dell

Excerpt: "Saltash was thoroughly cosmopolitan in his tastes; he liked amusement but he abhorred boredom. He was never really wicked unl…

Perkins, the Fakeer: A Travesty on Reincarnation

Read by Celine Major

Edward S. Van Zile

As the title suggests we are treated to three humourous and curious psychical transpositions in the cases of "When Reginald was Carolin…

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