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Clergymen Of The Church Of England

Read by David Wales

Anthony Trollope

This 1866 book was published in a time of great change in the Church of England. Trollope began as a High Church adherent and then worked h…

Robert Schumann, Tone Poet Prophet And Critic

Read by David Wales

Herbert Francis Peyser

[This is] the sketchiest outline of Robert Schumann’s short life but amazingly rich achievement. Together with Haydn and Schubert he was, pe…

Mendelssohn And Certain Masterworks

Read by David Wales

Herbert Francis Peyser

In the compass of the present pamphlet it is impossible to give more than a cursory survey of Mendelssohn’s happy but extraordinarily crowde…

The Characters Of Theophrastus

Read by David Wales


Theophrastus ( c. 371 – c. 287 BC) was an ancient Greek philosopher, successor to Aristotle in the Peripatetic School. He wrote on many to…

Richard Strauss

Read by David Wales

Herbert Francis Peyser

There was not much truly spectacular about the course of [Strauss's] life, which was most happily free from the material troubles which bede…

The White Cowl

Read by David Wales

James Lane Allen

A Trappist monastery in nineteenth century Kentucky. A young monk. A young woman in distress. Whither? One might want to compare this story …

The Egregious English

Read by David Wales

T. W. H. Crosland

This 1903 book is a tongue-in-cheek send-up of English people and subjects. Within the humor (or humour), the listener may be surprised by s…

Audubon's Western Journal: 1849-1850

Read by David Wales

John Woodhouse Audubon

John Woodhouse Audubon (1812-1862), son of the famous painter John James Audubon and an artist in his own right, joined Col. Henry Webb's Ca…

A Christmas Miscellany 2019

Read by David Wales


Nine stories about Christmas or around Christmastime. - Summary by david wales

Rada; A Belgian Christmas Eve

Read by David Wales

Alfred Noyes

This is not heart warming holiday fare. It is a short (one-act) unsubtle antiwar play by the English poet Alfred Noyes (1880-1958), publishe…

Christmas Outside Of Eden

Read by David Wales

Coningsby Dawson

A delightful Christmas fantasy told with inimitable charm and delicate humor. It is "the story the robins tell as they huddle beneath t…

The Race Of The Swift

Read by David Wales

Edwin Carlile Litsey

This 1905 collection is of the author’s short animal stories, some previously published in magazines. - Summary by David Wales

The Dogs Of Boytown

Read by David Wales

Walter Alden Dyer

This collection of stories about dogs and the people they own was published in 1918. The story proceeds leisurely with much information abou…

Full Speed Ahead: Tales From The Log Of A Correspondent

Read by David Wales

Henry Beston

“These tales are memories of several months spent as a special correspondent attached to the forces of the American Navy on foreign service……

Letters From America

Read by David Wales

Rupert Brooke

"[Rupert Brooke] started in May 1913 on a journey to the United States, Canada, and the South Seas, from which he returned next year at…

Pope Adrian IV; An Historical Sketch

Read by David Wales

Richard Raby

Pope Adrian IV (c. 1100-1159, pope 1154-1159) was the only English pope. Written by a Catholic in 1849, this biography of the pope appeare…

The Crimson Gardenia And Other Tales Of Adventure

Read by David Wales

Rex Beach

Published in 1916, this book collects eleven stories originally published in several different magazines. Beach’s adventure stories were im…

Vicksburg National Military Park, Mississippi

Read by David Wales

William C. Everhart

In the American Civil War, the Vicksburg campaign (December 1862-July 1863) was a pivotal victory for the Union under the generalship of Uly…

Two Diaries From Middle St. John's, Berkeley, South Carolina, February - May, 1…

Read by David Wales

Susan R. Jervey

Two diaries from Middle St. John’s, Berkeley, South Carolina, February – May, 1865. Journals kept by Miss Susan R. Jervey and Miss Charlott…

Tales Of English Minsters: Canterbury Cathedral Kent and Saint Paul's London

Read by David Wales

Elizabeth W. Grierson

These simple stories of two of England’s greatest cathedrals were originally written for youth (1910) but adults will also enjoy them. St. …

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