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Recollection by Wen Ting-hsun

In Gems of Chinese Verse

Read by KevinS

Juyi Bai 白居易, Shen Cen 岑參, Zi'ang Chen 陈子昂, Fu Du 杜甫, Bai Li 李白, Haoran Meng 孟浩然, Wei Qui 邱為, Quanqi Shen 沈佺期, Shu Sikong 司空曙, Changling Wang 王昌齡, Wei Wang 王維, Tingyun Wen 溫庭筠, Jiuling Zhang 張九齡, Ji Zhang 張籍 and Various, Translated Byw. J. B. Fletcher

Translations of various Chinese poets' work. - Summary by KevinS

Chapters 1 and 2 of the Toronto Cookbook

In Insomnia Collection Vol. 004

Read by KevinS

Mrs. E. J. Powell

Soporific dullness is in the ear of the listener, and what's tedium incarnate to one person will be another person's passion and delight. Ho…

What the People Said

In Little Miss Joy-Sing

Read by KevinS

John Luther Long

A pleasant kind of fantasy set in Japan concerning a woman and a prince. - Summary by KevinS

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