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Tasmania, 1837-1890

In History of Australia and New Zealand from 1696 to 1890

Read by KevinS

George Sutherland and Alexander Sutherland

This work provides a history of the early political, social, and economic development of Australia and New Zealand. Since both British colon…


In To London Town

Read by KevinS

Arthur Morrison

Written to complement Tales of Mean Streets and A Child of the Jago, and the final book in the trilogy, To London Town examines the mean s…

Book VIII - Death of Pompeius, part 1

In Pharsalia; Dramatic Episodes of the Civil Wars

Read by KevinS


Lucan's only surviving work, De Bello Civili, more generally known as the Pharsalia, is an epic poem about the civil war between Julius Caes…

Chapter 1

In Bible (YLT) NT 04: John

Read by KevinS

Young'S Literal Translation

An English translation that holds as closely as was possible to the original languages and idioms. - Summary by KevinS

The Pause - Read by KS

In The Pause

Read by KevinS

Susanna Moodie

LibriVox volunteers bring you 19 recordings of The Pause by Susanna Moodie. This was the Weekly Poetry project for March 22, 2020. -----…

'They're Off'

In Pee-Wee Harris in Luck

Read by KevinS

Percy Keese Fitzhugh

Another episode in the life of the loveable Pee-Wee Harris, Boy Scout and Boy of Superior Appetite, who always lands on his feet, even when …

Chapter IX 1678-1679 La Salle at Niagara

In La Salle, Discovery of The Great West

Read by KevinS

Francis Parkman, Jr.

Parkman has been hailed as one of America's first great historians and as a master of narrative history. Numerous translations have spread t…

An American colony in Brazil (1910), by Nevin O. Winter

In The World’s Story Volume XI: Canada, South America, Central America, Mexico and…

Read by KevinS

Eva March Tappan

This is the eleventh volume of the 15-volume series of The World’s Story: a history of the World in story, song and art, edited by Eva March…

The Prayer in the Rose Garden

In Short Poetry Collection 203

Read by KevinS

Bliss Carman

This is a collection of 63 poems read in English by LibriVox volunteers for April 2020.

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