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Twice Bought

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R. M. Ballantyne

This story is set in the gold fields of Oregon, where Tom Brixton, and his best friend, Fred Westly, are digging gold to try to “make their …

Monsters of Mars by Edmond Hamilton -1

In Astounding Stories 16, April 1931

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various and Ray Cummings

Contents of this issue :-MONSTERS OF MARS EDMOND HAMILTON - Three Martian-Duped Earth-Men Swing Open the Gates of Space That for So Long…

The Ministers of the Doom

In The Mystery of the Sea

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Bram Stoker

Mystery of the Sea is a novel with elements of adventure, supernatural and romance. Archie Hunter goes on a holiday to relax but finds he se…

How Matters Stand To-Day

In The Joss: a Reversion

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Richard Marsh

Mary Blyth, a sales clerk who is robbed, nearly murdered and then fired from her job, thinks her luck has changed when she inherits an old h…

The Snare

In Fair Margaret

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H. Rider Haggard

This story is set during the reign of King Henry VII. Peter Brome is a poor man and without a father, and is in love with Margaret the dark-…

The Slave Ship from Space by A.R. Holmes part 1

In Astounding Stories 19, July 1931

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Ray Cummings

THE DOOM FROM PLANET 4 JACK WILLIAMSON A Ray of Fire, Green, Mysterious, Stabs Through the Night to Dan on His Ship. It Leads Him to a…