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The New Jerusalem

In The Bible For Young People Vol. 2

Read by Kimberly Krause


"The Bible for Young People tells the sweet and simple stories of the Bible in the Bible language, omitting only genealogies and doctri…


In The Girls of St. Wode's

Read by Kimberly Krause

L. T. Meade

This is a story about the life of a school girl. The story centres around the girls' college of St. Wode's, Wingfield. This is the place in …

10 - Holiday Frolics

In Mari, Our Little Norwegian Cousin

Read by Kimberly Krause

Mary Hazelton Blanchard Wade

"Long before Columbus discovered America, there were brave men in the north of Europe who dared to sail farther out upon the unknown wa…

A Cheerful Blunder

In Aunt Jane's Nieces on Vacation

Read by Kimberly Krause

L. Frank Baum

Aunt Jane's Nieces on Vacation is a juvenile novel for girls, written by L. Frank Baum. It is the seventh in the ten volumes in the Aunt Jan…

11 The Night Walk

In Quintus Oakes: A Detective Story

Read by Kimberly Krause

Charles Ross Jackson

There have been a series of assaults at the manor house, one sending the mistress of the house insane with fear, another escalating to murde…

Striped Chipmunk's Happy Thought

In Happy Jack

Read by Kimberly Krause

Thornton W. Burgess

The adventures and perils of Happy Jack the Squirrel in the Green Forest, co-starring Happy Jack's cousins Chatterer the Red Squirrel and St…

El gallo y el pato

In Cuentos, Adivinanzas y Refranes Populares

Read by Kimberly Krause

Fernan Caballero

Cecilia Böhl de Faber (1796 Morges, Suiza - 1877 Sevilla), que firmaba con el pseudónimo de Fernán Caballero, comenz&oac…

Act 1

In The Comedy of Errors (version 2)

Read by Kimberly Krause

William Shakespeare

The Comedy of Errors tells the story of two sets of identical twins that were accidentally separated at birth. Antipholus of Syracuse and hi…

The Pious Robin

In The Curious Book of Birds

Read by Kimberly Krause

Abbie Farwell Brown

Now the interesting facts about birds we have always with us. We can find them out for ourselves, which is a very pleasant thing to do, or w…


In The Curse of Carne's Hold

Read by Kimberly Krause

G. A. Henty

When Ronald Mervyn from Devonshire is falsely accused of murder he emigrates to South Africa. He takes part in the Kaffir war and during thi…

Chapter 1

In Bible (KJV) NT 09: Galatians

Read by Kimberly Krause

King James Version

Paul wrote this letter to the Galatians to warn them of how they were changing their belief of the gospel. They were subtly starting to beli…

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