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McClellan's Own Story

Read by Mike Manolakes

George Brinton Mcclellan and George Brinton McClellan

Memoirs of General George Brinton McClellan, commanding general of the Army of the Potomac during the early years of the American Civil War.…

Chapter 3

In Man of Many Minds

Read by Mike Manolakes

Edward Everett Evans

GALAXY IN DANGER! Somewhere, somehow, the first moves have been made—the pattern is beginning to emerge. Someone—or something—is on the way …

The Water Ghost of Harrowby Hall

In Short Ghost and Horror Collection 045

Read by Mike Manolakes

John Kendrick Bangs

A collection of twenty stories featuring ghoulies, ghosties, sinister cats, eerie phenomena and things that go bump in the night. Expect shi…

Theodore Roosevelt, December 7, 1903, part 1

In State of the Union Addresses by United States Presidents (1901 - 1908)

Read by Mike Manolakes

Theodore Roosevelt

The State of the Union address is a speech presented by the President of the United States to a joint session of the United States Congress,…

The News from Algeria

In Edmond Dantès

Read by Mike Manolakes

Edmund Flagg

"Edmond Dantès" the Sequel to Alexander Dumas' masterpiece, "The Count of Monte-Cristo," is a novel that will del…

The man with the box, by George W. Tripp

In The Black Cat Vol. 01 No. 10 July 1896

Read by Mike Manolakes


The Black Cat (1895-1922) was a monthly literary magazine, publishing original short stories, often about uncanny or fantastical topics. Man…

The Elephant's Child

In Short Story Collection Vol. 094

Read by Mike Manolakes

Rudyard Kipling

Here we give you Librivox Short Story Collection 94. Readers have chosen their own texts and, once again, we have a wide range of topics, fr…

Another Strange Case.

In Hidden Foes

Read by Mike Manolakes

Nicholas Carter

Nick Carter is a fictional detective who first appeared in 1886 in dime store novels. Over the years, different authors, all taking the nom …