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The Rescue

Read by Peter Dann

Joseph Conrad

"The Rescue" is the third of Conrad's novels to feature Captain Tom Lingard, an independent buccaneer operating in the Malayan arc…

An Outcast of the Islands (Version 2)

Read by Peter Dann

Joseph Conrad

This, Conrad's second, novel serves as an illuminating prequel of his first, 'Almayer's Folly', teasing out the origins of the factional ten…

Some Do Not...

Read by Peter Dann

Ford Madox Ford

Set immediately before and during the Great War, Some Do Not... is a tale of social cruelty among the English upper classes that pits real h…


In The Castle of Twilight

Read by Peter Dann

Margaret Horton Potter

"Wistfully I deliver up to you my simple story, knowing that the first suggestion of “historical novel” will bring before you an image …

The Crises of 1916

In Woman Suffrage and Politics

Read by Peter Dann

Carrie Chapman Catt

Written after the passage of the Nineteenth Amendment and published in 1923, "This book's essential contribution must be sought in its …

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