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Dog-Watches At Sea

Read by Peter Kelleher

Stanton Henry King

Stanton H. King was from Barbados and followed his brothers to sea at the age of twelve in 1880. He spent only twelve years at sea for reaso…

John Barleycorn or Alcoholic Memoirs

Read by Peter Kelleher

Jack London

Jack London died at the age of forty. In this autobiographical work, London describes his life as seen through the eyes of John Barleycorn (…

A Waterbiography

Read by Peter Kelleher

Robert C. Leslie

Robert C. Leslie (1826-1901) was an artist and writer who, at an early age fell in love with the sea, the sea of Sail, not of Steam. He desc…

The Mirror of the Sea

Read by Peter Kelleher

Joseph Conrad

The Mirror of the Sea (collection of autobiographical essays first published in various magazines 1904-6), 1906 (Summary from Wikipedia)