Arnold Bennett

Mental Efficiency

Read by Ruth Golding

In this light-hearted yet thought-provoking collection of articles, Bennett offers his thoughts on exercising the mind, organising your life…

How to Live on Twenty-Four Hours a Day

Read by Mark F. Smith

"Which of us lives on twenty-four hours a day? And when I say 'lives,' I do not mean exists, nor 'muddles through.'" -- Arnold Ben…

How to Live on 24 Hours a Day (version 2)

Read by Phil Chenevert

Are you really 'living', or just existing? Do you want to improve yourself or just continue to muddle through? Do you use the time given y…

The Human Machine

Read by Ruth Golding

Bennett asks us to consider our brains as the most wonderful machine, a machine which is the only thing in this world that we can control. A…

Self and Self-management: Essays about Existing

Read by Ruth Golding

Bennett's essays always provide food for thought and bring a wry smile to the lips. Human nature, it appears, changes little over the ages, …

The Grand Babylon Hotel

Read by Anna Simon

Theodore Racksole, a rich American multi-millionaire, buys the Grand Babylon Hotel, a luxurious hotel in London, as a whim - and then finds …

The Old Wives' Tale

Read by Andy Minter (1934-2017)

The Old Wives' Tale is a novel by Arnold Bennett, first published in 1908. It deals with the lives of two very different sisters, Constance …

Ghost Story Collection 003

Read by LibriVox Volunteers

A collection of ten pieces, read by various readers, about the unreal edges of this world in legend and story; tales of love, death and beyo…

The Card

Read by Andy Minter (1934-2017)

The ‘Card’ in question is Edward Henry Machin - His mother called him ‘Denry’. This light-hearted story is of his rise from humble beginning…

Buried Alive

Read by Simon Evers

The hero is Mr Priam Farll, a painter of considerable ability. He is, however, extremely shy – so shy that when his valet, Henry Leek, dies …

The Ghost: A Modern Fantasy

Read by Simon Evers

The novel opens with Carl Foster, a recently qualified doctor, coming to London to try and make his fortune. He meets a famous tenor, Signor…

Tales of the Five Towns

Read by Martin Clifton

This is a selection of short stories recounting, with gentle satire and tolerant good humour, the small town provincial life at the end of t…

The Pretty Lady

Read by Simon Evers

‘The Pretty Lady’ is considered to be one of Bennett's most revealing and under-rated works. It is the story of a French prostitute, Christi…

The Price of Love

Read by Christine Blachford

Rachel Louise Fleckring works for the elderly Mrs Maldon, and although with the woman for only a short time, she is taken into the heart of …

Literary Taste: How to Form It

Read by Timothy Ferguson

Arnold Bennett describes a method for enjoying literature, and suggests the contents of a comprehensive library. Chapters 1-10 and 14 descri…

The Regent

Read by Andy Minter (1934-2017)

'The Regent' is, if not a sequel to 'The Card', then a 'Further Adventures of' the eponymous hero of that novel.Denry Machin is now forty-th…

Enterrado en Vida

Read by Victor Villarraza

Arnold Bennett escribió Enterrado en vida después de su obra más conocida y seria, Cuento de viejas, y siempre la consi…

The Matador of the Five Towns and Other Stories

Read by Andy Minter (1934-2017)

Twenty-two short stories by Arnold Bennett, mainly set in the 'Five Towns', Bennett's name for the pottery manufacturing towns of the Englis…

These Twain

Read by Simon Evers

Hilda is saved from destitution by Edwin Clayhanger who marries her. The two, with Hilda's son by her disastrous 'marriage' to George Cannon…

Short Story Collection Vol. 008

Read by LibriVox Volunteers

LibriVox’s Short Story Collection 008: a collection of 20 short works of fiction in the public domain read by a variety of Librivox members.

Hilda Lessways

Read by Simon Evers

This book is the second in Bennett’s four books about life in the Five Towns (the real life Potteries in Staffordshire). It tells the story …

Christmas Short Works Collection 2007

Read by LibriVox Volunteers

LibriVox’s 2007 Christmas Short Works Collection containing public domain short stories, essays, poems, and scripture passages recorded by a…

Anna of the Five Towns

Read by LibriVox Volunteers

The plot centers on Anna Tellwright, daughter of a wealthy but miserly and dictatorial father, living in the Potteries area of Staffordshire…

The Roll-Call

Read by Simon Evers

"The Roll-Call" is the sequel to the Clayhanger trilogy. This book concerns the young life of Clayhanger's stepson, George. George…


Read by Simon Evers

Lilian works in a typewriting office owned by Felix Grig, a middle-aged man of means. The office is run by his spinster sister, Miss Grig, w…


Read by LibriVox Volunteers

This first of a trilogy of novels is a coming-of-age story set in the Midlands of Victorian England, following Edwin Clayhanger as he leaves…

The Feast of St. Friend

Read by Ruth Golding

In The Feast of St. Friend, a Christmas book, Arnold Bennett shares his views on Christmas as the season of goodwill. As always, Bennett's w…

A Great Man: a Frolic

Read by Simon Evers

Subtitled 'A Frolic', this light-hearted book follows the fortunes of Henry Shakespeare Knight who, rather to his own surprise, writes a bes…

Mr. Prohack

Read by Simon Evers

Mr Prohack, an ordinary official in the Treasury and leading a hum-drum life, suddenly and unexpectedly inherits a large sum of money which,…

Short Story Collection Vol. 017

Read by LibriVox Volunteers

LibriVox’s Short Story Collection 017: a collection of 10 short works of fiction in the public domain read by a variety of Librivox members.

Short Story Collection Vol. 054

Read by LibriVox Volunteers

LibriVox’s Short Story Collection 054: a collection of 20 short works of fiction in the public domain read by a group of LibriVox members.


Read by Simon Evers

Leonora Stanway is 40 and lives a comfortable middle-class life with her unsympathetic and dull husband, John. Her three daughters are rapid…

Clayhanger (Version 2)

Read by Simon Evers

A coming-of-age story about Edwin Clayhanger, who leaves school, has his ambition to become an architect thwarted by his tyrannical father, …

The Loot Of Cities

Read by David Wales

Published in 1917, this is a collection of a novella and seven short stories by one of the cleverest authors of the early twentieth century.…

Short Works on Sports Collection 01

Read by LibriVox Volunteers

A miscellany of poetry and short works of fact and fiction on the topic of sports from North America, Great Britain and Australasia. The col…

One-Act Play Collection 003

Read by LibriVox Volunteers

This collection of ten one-act dramas features plays by Edward Goodman, Alice Gerstenberg, Arnold Bennett, John Galsworthy, Anton Chekhov, F…

Riceyman Steps

Read by Anthony Ogus

Arnold Bennet's masterly novel is a gritty tale about a bookseller whose life and love of a woman are afflicted by miserliness. It is set in…

One-Act Play Collection 006

Read by LibriVox Volunteers

This collection includes ten one-act plays by David Belasco, Arnold Bennett, Hereward Carrington, Lewis Carroll, Lord Dunsany, John Galswort…

The Old Adam

Read by LibriVox Volunteers

Edward Henry Machin, whose rise from humble beginnings to prosperity was told in 'The Card', leads a comfortable life in the English Midland…

One-Act Play Collection 007

Read by LibriVox Volunteers

LibriVox’s One-Act Play Collection 007 includes one-act plays in the public domain read by a variety of LibriVox members. Project BC: Miche…

Over There: War Scenes On The Western Front

Read by David Wales

Bennett's served in many capacities in the WWI war effort. After a visit to the Western Front he wrote this 1915 collection of essays about …

First World War Centenary Prose Collection Vol. I

Read by LibriVox Volunteers

This collection of non-fiction and fiction, with its companion poetry collection, commemorates the outbreak of the First World War on 28th J…

The Grim Smile Of The Five Towns

Read by David Wales

The Grim Smile of the Five Towns (1907) is the second major collection of stories written by Arnold Bennett. (The first is Tales Of The Five…

Short Story Collection Vol. 092

Read by LibriVox Volunteers

This collection of short stories in the English Language brings another rich compendium of old favorites fro Lord Dunsany, Guy de Maupassant…

Elsie And The Child; A Tale Of Riceyman Steps And Other Stories

Read by David Wales

Thirteen short stories (1924) by a master story teller of the early twentieth century. His writings, fiction and nonfiction, were popular wi…

LibriVox 10th Anniversary Collection

Read by LibriVox Volunteers

This year is the 10th anniversary of our beloved LibriVox and to celebrate, readers have found and recorded 100 items with a connection to t…

Your United States: Impressions Of A First Visit

Read by David Wales

Enoch Arnold Bennett (1867 – 1931) was an English writer. He is best known as a novelist, but he also worked in other fields such as journal…

A Christmas Miscellany 2020

Read by David Wales

Nine stories, chapters, or essays about Christmas or around Christmas. - Summary by David Wales

LibriVox 9th Anniversary Collection

Read by LibriVox Volunteers

This year is the 9th anniversary of our illustrious community, and readers have found and recorded 99 items with a connection with the numbe…

Christmas Short Works Collection 2013

Read by LibriVox Volunteers

A selection of poems, short stories and other prose for the Christmas season in English, Finnish and German.