Arthur M. Winfield

The Rover Boys at School

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First of the famous Rover Boys books by future Hardy Boys creator Edward Stratemeyer (under the pseudonym Arthur M Winfield), this is an int…

The Rover Boys on the Ocean

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The hearty, all-American Rover Boys sail by yacht to Africa in search of their kidnapped father. (Summary by BellonaTimes)

The Rover Boys in the Jungle

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Third entry in the then-popular boys' adventure series has the Rover brothers (Tom, Dick, & Sam) heading to Africa to search for their l…

The Rover Boys Out West

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Despite the title, the Rover Brothers spend several chapters -- over half the book -- back East, against arch-nemeses Josiah Crabtree and th…

The Rover Boys on the Great Lakes

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The continuing saga of those rambunctious Rover Boys, brothers Dick, Tom, and Sam, takes them to the Great Lakes region of the northern U.S.…

The Rover Boys In The Mountains

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Another rousing tale of the Brothers Rover, set directly after their adventure in the Great Lakes, detailing yet another encounter with the …

The Rover Boys on Land and Sea

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The Boys are off on another series of adventures, beginning in San Francisco, where a run in with arch-enemy Dan Baxter leads them into the …

The Rover Boys in Camp

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The Rover brothers spend time at Putnam Hall and on a camping expedition in this entry to the series. They have a new set of rivals, let by…

The Rover Boys Winning A Fortune

Read by Howard Skyman

The Rover Boys is a generational series that follows the Rover family through many exciting adventures. In this case the story revolves arou…