Eden Phillpotts

The Flint Heart

Read by David Wales

The flint heart is a stone of heart shape, forged in prehistoric times, that changes whoever owns it into a wicked person. The story of the …

A Deal With The Devil

Read by Angelique G. Campbell

A Deal with the Devil is a classic tale with a humorous twist. We find that on the night preceeding his 100th birthday Grandpapa, a cantanke…

A Christmas Miscellany 2018

Read by David Wales

Sixteen Christmas stories or essays. (David Wales)

The Human Boy

Read by David Wales

This collection of eleven short stories, both humorous and touching, about English school boys was published in 1900. The book was quite pop…

The Human Boy Again

Read by David Wales

Published in 1908, this is a further collection of twelve humorous short stories about English school boys. The author wrote two other book…

The Human Boy And The War

Read by David Wales

Published in 1916, this is the third collection of thirteen humorous short stories about English school boys in a boarding school in the fic…


Read by LibriVox Volunteers

A book of short stories by Eden Phillpotts, all involving something of the supernatural. - Summary by Ann Boulais