Rev. Jim Young

Your Mind Can Heal You

Some inspiration from Frederick Bailes.  First in a series on Healing.  Healing Meditation included.

The Art Of Creative Thinking

Have fun!  Experiment!  Add a dash of this and a dash of that to your creative thinking.  Second in a series.  10/12/200…

Love Your SELF

Love your SELF!   Learning to love the Presence of God within.  First in a series on Spiritual Self-Esteem.  8/2/2009

Love True Love

Love, True Love.!  2/12/2012 This is the last Service at the Center for Spiritual Living in Wilmington, NC.  What is True Love?&nb…

What Is Love?

What is Love?  First talk in "A Month of Sundays."  2/6/2013

Love Actually

Second in a series on Love.  Valentines day 2/14/2010

Pater Noster

Father's Day 6/17/2012.  What does God as Father mean to us?  The Opening Treatment is a guided meditation to experience God's Lov…

Wind Beneath My Wings

It is God's Love that supports you.  3/27/2011.   The fourth talk in a series on  Faith and Trust.