Roy J. Snell

The Secret Mark

Read by Lee Ann Howlett

Student Lucile Tucker works part-time at the library of the large university she attends in Chicago to help pay her tuition. One night, whil…

The Blue Envelope

Read by Dawn Larsen

A mystery and adventure story for girls set in Alaska.

Gypsy Flight

Read by Dawn Larsen

Rosemary Sample, an airplane stewardess, meets a mysterious dark lady on a flight to Salt Lake City. The plane is forced down overnight by a…

The Purple Flame

Read by Lynne T

Two years after the conclusion of "The Blue Envelope", Marian is crossing the frozen Alaskan tundra alone with three reindeer in o…

On the Yukon Trail

Read by Tom Penn

Curlie Carson and Joe Marion are chasing a radio outlaw across the frozen Alaska territory. It should be a simple dogsled trip, especially w…

Curlie Carson Listens In

Read by Tom Penn

It is early in the days of radio, and amateurs are using it more and more, and using it illegally. Enter Curlie Carson, who has the job of t…

A Ticket to Adventure

Read by Dawn Larsen

Starting a new homestead in Alaska is filled with adventures. A stolen herd of Reindeer, a great dogsled race, a strange phantom dog, fun ai…

The Arrow of Fire

Read by Tom Penn

After spending three years exploring some of the most remote and wild places on earth, young Johnny Thompson returns to his home town of Chi…