Thomas Mann

Royal Highness

Read by Margaret Espaillat

Royal Highness is the story of Prince Klaus Heinrich, a member of a struggling German duchy and an exotic American heiress who comes to live…

Death in Venice

Read by Lee Smalley

Thomas Mann, author of Death in Venice (German: Der Tod in Venedig) was a winner of the Nobel Prize for literature. The main character in th…


Read by Bruce Pirie

When Thomas Mann was awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature (1929), the citation made special mention of his first novel, “Buddenbrooks,” pub…

Bashan And I

Read by David Wales

Simple and unpretentious as a statement by Francis d’Assisi, yet full of a gentle modern sophistication and humour, this little work will br…

The Magic Mountain (Volume One)

Read by Steve Gough

Thomas Mann’s epic novel depicts a decaying, corrupted European society on the eve of the First World War. Set in a luxurious sanatorium hig…

Benjamin Britten: Source Stories of Twelve Operas

Read by David Wales

Britten's operas are firmly established in the international repertoire: according to Operabase, they are performed worldwide more than thos…

Lavender Lit 101 - International LGB Literature up to 1923

Read by LibriVox Volunteers

International LGB Literature up to 1923This is a collection of 30 American and European gay, lesbian, & bisexual writers from the 16th t…

La muerte

Read by Alba

Accidente ferroviario

Read by Alba


Read by Alba

Horas penosas

Read by Alba