Light on the Path

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When Light on the Path was first published in 1885, it became an important work for Theosophists and has remained so ever since. It offers advice for those who wish to follow a spiritual way of living, set out point by point in short sections for the reader. This edition also includes a chapter on karma to provide further guidance for the student of esoteric knowledge. - Summary by Newgatenovelist (0 hr 39 min)


Section One 9:54 Read by Newgatenovelist
Section Two 8:02 Read by Newgatenovelist
Notes, Part One 8:56 Read by Newgatenovelist
Notes, Part Two 5:13 Read by Newgatenovelist
Karma 7:30 Read by Newgatenovelist


a gem ready for All to reach to.

(5 stars)

Everybody trying to blossom will benefit from this insiteful simplicity.

(5 stars)

great narrator an very good book exactly what I wanted