A Cursory History of Swearing

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(3.3 stars; 7 reviews)

This is a very readable scientific account of Swearing and Cursing in the English Language. Not only is an enlightening historical account given, but also several excursions are made into other languages and certain historical periods. - Summary by Carolin (4 hr 53 min)


Chapter I 28:23 Read by Alimay
Chapter II 20:33 Read by Wanda White
Chapter III 30:23 Read by Anna Simon
Chapter IV 28:54 Read by Dorothy Godfrey-Smith
Chapter V 29:43 Read by Mary Schneider
Chapter VI 28:41 Read by Dorothy Godfrey-Smith
Chapter VII 43:40 Read by Steve C
Chapter VIII, part 1 18:31 Read by Joseph Tabler
Chapter VIII, part 2 25:54 Read by Jennifer Fournier
Chapter IX 38:37 Read by Dorothy Godfrey-Smith


Not What You Think

(0.5 stars)

The cursing discussed mainly involves damning things/people. I didn't expect to learn about today's curse words but did expect more. Plus, the author just guesses origins. Lastly, it's written in such an incredibly boring format. So drawn out & just plain awful! I've gone through hundreds of Librivox audiobooks & never gave anything less than 3 stars until now.

(5 stars)

Well read and a wonderful little book.