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The surviving shows of the series The Adventures Of Zorro I know the numbering may be wrong...but until I find a definitive source for the numbering this series dedicated to this masked "curse" of Capistrano...this positioning will have to do for now...

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The first three episodes are actually from a 1957 Disney LP record, with Guy Williams and Henry Calvin. The first four episodes of the TV series were dramatized for four short audio dramas. The last two episodes here are from the series The Adventures of Zorro, which is probably from around 1948 or 1949. The lone existing episode of the Preview Theater of the Air, entitled To Trap a Fox is a half-hour version of these two Zorro adventures and can be found in the Singles and Doubles Collection.

Goldin's log error (???)

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Perhaps someone should tell Goldin about the error... Could it be that for the first time for as long as I can remember...HE is wrong on the matter???