Amos N Andy

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Old Time Radio Programs, Amos and Andy

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Andy's New Wife 28:38
The Maestro 26:24
Courtroom Catastrophe 25:58
Chair (Second Half Only) 12:07
The Locked Trunk's Secret 25:50
Matrimonial Mishap 27:01
Turkey Trouble 26:10
Man's Best Friend 26:05
Candy for Caroline 27:01
Bookends and Babies 26:26
The Marriage Counselor 29:30
New Year's Eve 28:12
Making Sapphire Proud 25:36
Violets 25:33
Charles Boyer's Valet 26:07
Windfall 25:45
Missing Persons Bureau 25:42
Three Times and You're Out 24:47
Ruby's Diamond 26:12
Sunday Monday or Always 25:49
Trying to Find Madam Queen 26:15
Sign on the Dotted Line 25:47
Insurance Fraud 25:48
Between Life and Death 25:59
Long Lost Harold 25:37
Dating Club Disaster 26:52
The Butler Did It 26:35
Of Sound Mind and Body 26:18
The Brother in Law 26:43
Electric Clock Caper 30:40
Impersonating an Officer 25:47
And the Winner Is 25:54
Andy the Fugitive 28:10
Nazi Spy 25:50
Shirt Trail 26:08
One Step Ahead of the Law 27:21
Singing Contest 26:55
Hotel House Detective 26:20
Andy the Actor 28:44
Ichthyologist 25:05
Mistaken Identity 24:54
Madame Queen's Marriage 27:15
The Nieces 26:10
The Employment Agency 26:22
Marriage Proposal Mixup 26:17
Spot Removal Formula 27:11
Ink Flow Fountain Pen Agency 29:40
Kingfish and Brazillian Brass Mine 29:02
Fake Suicide 29:20
Annual Christmas Show 30:36
Jackson's New Year's Eve 27:41
Andy the Witness 29:44
One Phony Antique 26:14
Adoption Woes 27:10
Advice to the Lovelorn 26:15
Breach of Promise 26:25
Phony Soldier 29:45
A Mean Valentine 26:46
An Old Boyfriend 29:56
Income Tax 29:43
Income Tax 2 29:28
Lecture Bureau 29:45
Prentiss Clothing Company 29:44
Easter Hat 29:43
Place to Call Home 29:47
Second Hand Car 29:42
Marriage Vows 29:41
Beautiful Baby Contest 29:44
Double Indemnity 29:49
A Case of Bullion 29:48
Andy The Sailor 29:47
Engaged to Hattie McDaniel 29:39
Burial Insurance Plan 28:59
Birthday Gift for Sapphire 29:36
The Lot On Rocky Hills 28:33
Sapphire's a Wanted Criminal 29:06
The Stolen Car 29:06
The Cigar Stand 25:45
Andy Plays Santa 27:23
Homesteading in Alaska 23:19
Sapphire's Sister Floresca 29:54
Kingfish Wants Andy To Marry Sapphires Sister 22:25
Andy Is Missing 30:07
Proposal To Nancy Simpson 25:46
The Pearl Necklace 28:42
Hospitalization Plan 30:02
Kingfish Sells Andy a Trailer 29:38
The Parking Lot 27:29
The Kingfish Takes in a Boarder 29:45
New Evening Gown 21:30
Kingfish's Travel Bureau 29:06
Sapphire Wants a Vacation 29:05
Kingfish Sued For Libel (Repeat of 43-10-22) 27:57
Leroy's Lock Invention 28:02
The Alligator Bag 22:28
Kingfish Runs a Rest Home 28:52
Raiding The Piggy Bank 28:13
A Visit To Restful Pines 28:11
Hospitalization Plan 30:16
The Race Horse 31:25
Leroy Strikes It Rich 26:47
Christmas Show 29:59
The French Car 29:19
Andy Plays Matchmaker 30:22
Sapphire Threatens To Leave George 30:21
Sapphire's Uncle 28:52
Andy Saves the Millionaire 28:48
Selling Andy a Cabin for Two Hundred Fifty Dollars 29:01
Andy Wins Car in Raffle 29:02
Sapphire's Sister Gets Married 28:35
Kingfish the Marriage Broker 28:02
Real Estate Broker 28:49
The Hot Fur 30:00
The Secret Melody 29:11
Worldwide Correspondence School 28:48
Tourist Sight Seeing Agency 29:21
Mysterious New Year's Card 29:21
Cannery Stock 29:37
1877 Nickel 29:10
Kingfish's Luggage Stand 28:41
The Antique Piano 28:46
Lapsed Insurance Policy 28:42
Widow Parker's Ten Thousand Dollar Inheritance 28:59
Godfather to Amos' Baby 29:01
Photo of Jewelry Store Robbery 29:20
Andy's Heiress Waitress 29:06
100 Dollar Oil Stock 28:44
Pawn Shop Robbery 28:25
Deputy Dirt Commissioner 29:28
Kingfish Is Evicted 28:08
Five Hundred Dollars Per Kid 25:07
Andy Inherits Two Thousand Dollars 27:50
Kingfish's New Boarder 28:35
Kingfish Has No Friends 28:35
The Return Of Helen Wilson 27:36
Kingfish Hires Secretary 57:52
Charmaign Larue and Her Mother 28:58
Kingfish's Car Used in Robbery 27:52
Kingfish Disguises Himself 28:40
Andy and Kingfish Loan Four Hundred Dollars to Rochester 27:41
Thanksgiving Show 27:49
Sapphires Birthday 29:43
TV Set Raffle 26:23
Andy vs Abigail Simpson Brown 26:12
The Bungling Burglars 25:56
Sapphire May Be Pregnant 28:25
Flower Shop 28:17
Andy and Eloise Walker 25:44
Imitating the Happy Harringtons 25:28
Andy Goes To Charm School 26:19
Sapphire's Easter Outfit 28:50
The Census Taker 29:12
Lodge Convention 26:27
Andy's Inheritance - Part 1 25:57
Andy's Inheritance - Part 2 26:39
Andy's Inheritance - Part 3 27:12
Job at Pine Crest Lodge 28:47
Kingfish Is Drafted 28:59
Kingfish's Enlistment Problem 25:37
Thanksgiving Dinner 29:43
Policewoman Mixup 30:03
The Beaver Coat 29:55
Kingfish Suspects Foul Play 25:58
Traditional Christmas Show 29:42
Sapphire's New Love Interest 28:22
Is Sapphire Expecting 26:39
Stolen Car Mixup 25:28
Mama and Mr Smithers Again - Part 1 26:30
The Parking Lot 26:01
The Lonely Hearts Club 25:48
Kingfish Sees Sapphire on TV 25:58
Uncle Sylvester to Marry 28:42
Faith in Those You Love 29:33
Job at Import Export Garage 28:58
Mother in Law Dear 28:27
Cousin Sydney Moves In 28:41
Annual Lodge Hall Picnic 28:29
Ramona Thompson 28:59
The Night Club Spotter 28:48
Photo Of Jewlery Store Robbery 29:15
Old Flame Florence Baxter 28:50
Three Thousand Dollar Diamond Ring 29:07
Aptitude Test 29:20
Trip to Brazil 29:08
De Piester's Party 29:12
Engaged to Susan Bennett 29:21
New Boarder - Chester Benson 29:08
Sapphire Seeks Romance 29:39
Sapphire's Sister Hortense Moves In 29:22
Good Neighbors 29:22
Wedding Invitation Mixup 29:55
Breaking up Andy and Madame Queen 29:17
Andy Plays Santa Claus 28:41
Porch Wreckers 29:14
Kingfish Adopts A Great Dane 25:25
Kingfish Buys A Race Horse 31:24
Long Lost Husband 28:35
Jobs as Office Cleaners 29:33
Leroy's Oil Stock 29:41
Aunt Harriet Visits 29:28
The_Amos_n_Andy_Show_52-11-16_ep325_10,000th_Show 28:57
Old Mink Stole 29:24
Mama And Percival Jackson 28:48
The Drowning Millionaire 28:32
Andy's Photo in Detective Magazine 28:40
Mystic Knights Convention in Los Angeles 29:11
Madam Queen's Chauffeur 28:32
Kingfish Thinks Sapphire is Pregnant 28:31
Andy the Coward 28:55
Constance La Marr 29:25
Kingfish the Detective 29:22
Annual Boat Outing 29:21
Stock Market Tip 29:37
Cabin in Connecticut 29:05
The Proxy Marriage 29:21
Kingfish's Old Love Letters 29:42
Bad Check To Hospital 29:45
Coat Checking Business 29:16
Pancake Mix Contest 29:21
Kingfish's Kollege Of Knowledge 28:21
Aunt Matilda's Dowry 29:30
Cat Burglar 29:32
Sapphire's Old Boyfriend 29:16
Ship Leroy's Car to LA 28:59
New York Sightseeing Agency 29:10
Loan Business 28:43
Cleaning 32 Typewriters 29:15
Kingfish the Baby Doctor 29:32
Annual Christmas Show 30:28
Lucky Bucks Contest 27:41
Tuxedo Rental Business 27:57
Gold Bracelet for 25th Wedding Anniversary 29:26
Dog Lover 23:40
Andy's Wedding 29:23
The Very Nervous Sanitorium 29:18
25th Anniversary Program 26:43
At Home With Love Birds 29:19
Sapphire is Assistant Buyer 29:18
Fur Coat For Sapphires Birthday 29:20
Andy Engaged To Florabell 29:20
Construction Job in Guam 29:20
Kingfish and Shappire's Enlopement 29:18
Radio and TV Delivery Job 29:19
Vacation at Lake Chipawawa 29:18
Andy Jilted by Teresa Wilson 29:20
Mama's Romance with Regeniald Dewithers 29:19
The Honeymoon Cottage 29:19
Sapphire at Lake View For the Summer 29:18
Beersheba Jackson After Andy 29:18
A Trip to Florida 29:19
Andy's Engaged To Susan Bennett 29:19
Mama's Night Out 28:49
Kingfish Must Raise The Rent Money 24:42
Bedelia Adams Adopts Andy 28:44
Who Gets A Job First 28:12
Andy's New Love - Hyacinth Jackson 28:48
The Club Secretary 28:44
Andy Plays Santa Claus 24:25
New Year's Ball 29:15
Wealthy Girl 26:47
Mrs Gunther's Pocketbook Found 28:54
Romeo and Juliet 29:36
Kingfish and Sapphire Both Rent Cottage Out 28:54
Kingfish's Mother In Law Kicks Him Out 29:03
Dismal Dell Cabin 28:46
Kingfish Gets a Job in a Flower Shop 29:31


Context & Preservation

(4 stars)

I'm grateful for commercial-free versions of classic radio series, especially when they leave me wishing I could send in my dimes for all those great advertising premiums (Code-o-graphs! Membership cards! Birthstone rings!). But I do wish someone would add a link here to a comparable "Before" collection so that amateur radio-historians could have both experiences. Speaking of context, I was just reading this excellent Wikipedia page (of course, Wikipedia pages are subject to a variety of volunteer editors, but at the moment I think the page is quite good with extensive sources):

This particular collection of the Amos & Andy shows

(5 stars)

Some very kind person has taken the time and trouble (and it must have been a tedious job) to go through them and remove the commercials, whether for the soap company, the drugstores, or the CBS Columbia televisions. Whoever this kind person is, thank you so much. The commercials were repetitious and boring. Not only did you get rid of them, but you did it so artfully, the transition is hardly noticeable. Excellent job, and most appreciated.

If it ain't broke...

(3 stars)

Unlike the previous reviewer, I find removing the commercials to be unnecessary. I enjoy hearing the radio shows in their entirety. Commercials played during the programs add to the sense of realism of the broadcasts. Stripping the shows of part of their "personalities" is typical of the modern demand for instant gratification. Appreciation of old time radio takes a more leisurely approach that should not be tinkered with.

They ain't broke cuz they were fixed.

(4 stars)

Again, thanks to the uploader or whoever removed the commercials, saving time and aggravation for the listeners. The quality of these .mp3 files is excellent. Amos 'n Andy is of course a classic and very enoyable. The only obvious negative, is that when a show has such a long run, plots will inevitably become somewhat repetitive.

Great quality recordings

(5 stars)

I enjoy listening to Amos & Andy and these are great recordings.