Aunt Mary 17 Eps

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(17 Episodes) "Aunt Mary," aka "The Story of Aunt Mary, was a 1942 - 1952, 15 minute per week-day, continuing serial/soap opera, heard over the NBC West Coast Network. *PHOTO: Jane Morgan (Aunt Mary Lane) in her role as Mrs. Margaret Davis on "Our Miss Brooks." (See below) Although Aunt Mary did not make it to NBCs full National Network broadcast schedule, she was offered an expanded Southwestern Regional area eastward as far as Texas or "... as far east as El Paso & Dallas," as bragged of in a 1942 syndication sales pitch. Aunt Mary Lane, a wise 'older' woman, lived on “Willow Creek Road.” * SOURCE: The Encyclopedia of Old-Time Radio * Broadcast History & Networks: 00/00/42 to 00/00/51 NBC (approx.) 01/21/46 to 01/17/47 Mutual (9:15am) * THEME MUSIC: Dear Old Girl * SPONSORS: Albers Oats, Ben Hur Coffee, Kitchen Craft Flour * DIRECTORS: George Fogle, Edwin H. Morse * ANNOUNCERS: Dicks Welles, Hugh Brundage, Marvin Miller, Vincent Pelletier * * WRITERS: Lee Crosby, Virginia Crosby, Gil South * LEAD ROLE: Jane Morgan (Aunt Mary Lane) Born: Dec 16, 1890 in Nth Platte, Nebraska, USA - passing away: Jan 01, 1972 in Omaha, Nebraska, USA * CO-CASTMATES: Fred Howard as Lefty Larkin, Jane Webb as Peggy Douglas Mead, Patrick McGeeham as Ben Calvert, Josephine Gilbert & Vivi Janiss as Kitt Calvert, Jack Edwards & Bob Bailey as Bill Mead, Irene Tedrow as Jessie Calvert, Jay Novello as David Bowman * OTHER ACTORS: Tom Collins, Cy Kendall, Ken Peters, Betty Lou Gerson * SOURCE: Terry G. G. Salomonson * Thank You Ted Davenport for this invaluable information you have shared with us.) ** RE PHOTO: Miss Brooks & Mrs. Maggie Davis ... Sadly, this is the only photo available to us of the wonderful Jane Morgan (aka Aunt Mary Lane) (aka Mrs. Maggie/Maragaret Davis). Jane Morgan, the actor, is often confused with the much younger, singer/actor, Jane Morgan. OTR * def gp ddh

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(1 stars)

wtf .... after 12 episodes it goes to another story. like skips a couple of years. bad form

(4.5 stars)

Good soap but need the rest of the episodes 👏