baseball otr

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Old Time Radio Programs, Baseball Games As Found on usenet. Many thanks to the encoders and posters.

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Red Sox fan

(5 stars)

Already knowing the outcome of the few Bosox games here did not deter my enjoyment of these old broadcasts. I remembered who won, but not the final score. As others have mentioned I would really appreciate more uploads. I wish I was able to contribute, but I have no games in my OTR collection.Pick out your favorite team and relax for awhile. Hint: these games are much faster than today's broadcasts, also the announcers have time to spin a few interesting stories about players and teams in their broadcasts. They don't spend every half-inming dealing with drop-in ads.

Previously Unreleased Baseball Games

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Hello This is my first post at this magnificent website. I have been collecting OTR for almost six years and until I discovered this website recently, have been paying for my shows. No matter... As one of the previous posters mentioned (I cannot see their screename as I write this) some of these games are previously unknown. As far as I can tell, with my research, these games are specific to this particular release: 48-06-10 54-10-01 57-07-28 57-08-31 59-10-02 59-10-06 62-04-11 67-09-02 Thanks Dana

Great old time baseball

(5 stars)

Growing up in northern Illinois I had actually heard a few of these games when they were played and to hear them again brought back some memories. To bad there isn't 1000's more to choose from. Thanks for making these available. If you love baseball and the good old days of the game these are will worth lending a ear to for a few hours of nostalgia.


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Baseball - 480000 - WS Game 1 - Indians at Braves is from 481006 Baseball - 480000 - WS Game 5 - Braves at Indians is from 481010 Baseball - 590000 - WS Game 1 - Dodgers at White Sox is from 591001 Baseball - 590000 - WS Game 5 - White Sox at Dodgers is from 591006

(5 stars)

Wish there were.more of these around enjoyed them.and remembered listen to a few of them.when they aired ,but with oppisite teams are my favorite the Boyer home run is my.all time favorite as he was my.guy.growing up. Great games in baseball history on here

Strange, listening to old games

(5 stars)

It’s weird listening to 1960s games! The audio quality is inconsistent, of course, but it is simply very interesting to listen to these games from about 60 years ago! I would recommend this!

road trip

(5 stars)

Will be taking a road trip in a couple of weeks to visit Babe Ruth sites, with a near final stop at Cooperstown. Perfect stuff to listen to during the journey. Thanks much.

OTR Baseball

(5 stars)

This reminds me of when I was a junior high school kid and the teachers would let us go to the auditorium to watch the world series. This is terrific. Field of Dreams.