Bulldog Drummond

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Old Time Radio review of a seldom heard series

(5 stars)

BULLDOG DRUMMOND was a confusing show. Several of the unearthed episodes take place in New York, or the USA. Several others take place in the United Kingdom somewhere which is where the films generally took place. Drummond was basically your "poor man's Sherlock Holmes". Although he had several differences. He was a former fighter in wars, did not smoke a pipe and was not addicted to opium, to name a few and was more of a sleuth than a detective. But like Holmes, Drummond always got his man in the allotted 30 or 60 minutes without fail. As campy as they are I find them quite entertaining and I recommend them to anyone who is a fan of such flat-foots as Nick Carter, Private Detective, Nero Wolf, the Thin Man, Boston Blackie, Sam Spade, etc... They all had either a side kick or beautiful woman to aide in the mundane. Only because I am a huge fan of the noir detective formula, I give this series an un-earned 5 star rating!

Good Stuff from Sapper McNeile

(5 stars)

Needn't pay much attention to a previous reviewer. He seems to think Sherlock Holmes smoked Opium (he didn't) so his opinions are obviously going to be flawed. Yes, Drummond travels the world righting wrongs...much like his film persona. And just like James Bond (to whom he is more closely related than he is to Holmes). And like other adventurers of this type: Simon Templar, Michael Lanyard, Matt Helm, etc.


(5 stars)

I absolutely love this series! Thank you so much! Drummond's better than your typical detective type. He and his side kick make a great team.

Great Show

(5 stars)

I like it...mystery and great characters. Listening to these every night in my cozy bed. Do more!