Casebook Of Gregory Hood

(3.9 stars; 9 reviews)

mystery drama,private detective show,10 episodes

This recording is part of the Old Time Radio collection.



If you like The Saint, Thin Man, or Candy Matson

(3 stars)

then this is good stuff. Not great, but very enjoyable. This show, amiably presented by Petri Wines, like Sherlock Holmes, takes the detective/sidekick approach and makes it into a San Francisco treat... (where have I heard that before?) Sound quality of this group varies, and so does the writing. It's good for a detective show that follows most of the urbane formulas with glints of good writing here and there. The commercials get you thirsty, but the selection of wines from Petri shows that Napa/Sonoma classy California was yet to be. Also, Internet Archive has a very interesting Oral History of Petri WInes in pdf form. Thanks, Internet Archive! Dennis Hermanson Hillsborough, NC

Pleasing Stuff

(4 stars)

This brief series was a bit difficult to warm up to after the Sherlock Holmes productions, however, after a couple of episodes, I was disappointed to learn that we only have 14 individual shows. The Sandy character was played by several fine actors, including Floyd The Barber. Perhaps there are more shows to be found: I hope so. Harry Bartel does a fine job of introduction and acting.

Wish there were more. A few of the titles had very poor audio qu

(4 stars)