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Crime stories from the golden age. Cops, robbers, and private investigators...Lets reopen the cases and hear these great stories again!

This recording is part of the Old Time Radio collection.



CC181: Philip Marlowe and Inspector Thorne 1:01:55
CC182: Richard Diamond and The Black Museum 1:01:46
CC183: Pete Kellys Blues and Boston Blackie 56:45
CC184: Rocky Jordan and Philo Vance 56:51
CC185: Barrie Craig Confidential Investigator and The Lineup 56:38
CC186: Broadway Is My Beat and Nick Carter Master Detective 1:01:55
CC187: Sherlock Holmes and Crime Classics 1:01:38
CC188: Sam Spade and Philip Marlowe 1:00:25
CC189: 21st Precinct and Casey Crime Photographer 58:44
CC190: Rogues Gallery and Rocky Fortune 54:06
CC191: Jeff Regan and Johnny Dollar 1:00:37
CC192: Silent Men and Rocky Jordan 1:01:37
CC193: Let George Do It and Boston Blackie 56:03
CC194: Richard Diamond and Dragnet 1:01:32
CC195: Gregory Hood and Stand By For Crime 54:50
CC196: Boston Blackie and Pete Kellys Blues 55:27
CC197: This Is Your FBI and Secrets Of Scotland Yard 59:08
CC198: Crime And Peter Chambers and Private Files Of Rex Saunders 55:28
CC199: The Saint and Crime Club 59:42
CC200: NIght Watch and Philo Vance 56:09
CC201: Mr. District Attorney and Murder By Experts 58:59
CC202: Sherlock Holmes and Yours Truly Johnny Dollar 55:25
CC203: The Lineup and Whitehall 1212 1:01:03
CC204: Broadway Is My Beat and FBI In Peace And War 55:35
CC205: Silent Men and Rocky Jordan 1:01:27
CC206: 21st Precinct and Barrie Craig Confidential Investigator 59:26
CC207: Rogues Gallery and Crime Classics 1:01:20
CC208: Yours Truly Johnny Dollar and Philo Vance 56:57
CC209: Night Watch and Richard Diamond 59:49
CC210: Philip Marlowe and Dragnet 1:00:24


Thanks to RelicRadio for posting great OTR here and on the web

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I agree with the posters who say we have a great source of wonderful OTR drama and thrills with these shows. I just want to add that the very selfless guy who runs RelicRadio (he slipped on one show and said this is Jim) but I digress... Just wanted to say that Relic Radio is on the web in it's own original and still active form, as well as saving/sharing the shows here. Note that if you are so inclined, do consider a donation to... OK, first, and then the terrific source for "10+ Years of Classic Entertainment". Now, back to our regularly scheduled program...

Everything here in arvhives

(5 stars)

Thanks so very much for good clean entertainment. We have a community room where those of us who wish to use WiFi gather and play our various things. Just said goodnight to a young boy playing a video which should teach him how to be the next school shooter. I think I will stick with Johnny dollar and Phillip Marlowe and company.

Great !

(5 stars)

So many people have downloaded these, yet not one of them has said thankyou to the person who uploaded these great old radio programmes. So from me - thankyou ! I look forward especially to listening to the FBI and Scotland Yard episodes.


(5 stars)

I agree all of us who are downloading the various radio shows should take the time and send a Thank You note.

case closed compilers

(5 stars)

fhank you thank you awonderfull way to spend a chilly, damp autmn evening