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Cops, robbers, and private investigators...Lets reopen the cases and hear these great stories again!

This recording is part of the Old Time Radio collection.



CC100: Jeff Regan And Confession 1:01:04
CC101: Double The Spade 1:00:59
CC102: This Is Your FBI and Johnny Dollar 1:01:33
CC103: Rocky Jordan and Communist For The FBI 59:27
CC104: Boston Blackie and The Falcon 54:48
CC105: Crime Photographer and Let George Do It 1:00:38
CC106: Richard Diamond and Rocky Fortune 55:16
CC107: Pat Novak and Inspector Thorne 1:00:22
CC108: Stand By For Crime and Sherlock Holmes 56:44
CC109: Spade and Marlowe 1:00:13
CC110: Bulldog Drummond and Mr. District Attorney 1:00:49
CC111: Jeff Regan and Nightwatch 58:55
CC112: Two Faces Of Marlowe 54:31
CC113: Candy Matson and Murder By Experts 59:00
CC114: Barrie Craig and Dragnet 59:48
CC115: Rogues Gallery and Johnny Dollar 1:02:29
CC116: Night Watch and Wanted 1:00:22
CC117: Gangbusters and Philo Vance 54:49
CC118: Murder My Sweet by Lux Radio Theater 1:00:49
CC119: I Deal In Crime and Sam Spade 55:23
CC120: Rocky Fortune and Inspector Thorne 55:20
CC121: Rocky Jordan and Johnny Dollar 1:01:16
CC122: Communist For The FBI and FBI In Peace And War 49:16
CC123: Broadway Is My Beat and Richard Diamond 59:55
CC124: Pat Novak and Pete Kelly 1:01:41
CC125: Sam Spade and Philip Marlowe 56:46
CC126: Gangbusters and Rogues Gallery 56:30
CC127: The Lineup and Barrie Craig 59:55
CC128: Philo Vance and Candy Matson 58:45
CC129: Richard Diamond and Bulldog Drummond 59:49
CC130: That Hammer Guy and The Saint 55:56
CC131: Johnny Dollar and Crime And Peter Chambers 56:02
CC132: Sam Spade and Rocky Jordan 1:00:14
CC133: Pat Novak and Rocky Fortune 56:49
CC134: Mr. Keen and Broadway Is My Beat 1:01:39