Poems of Sentiment

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This is a volume of poems by Ella Wheeler Wilcox. This time, the topic is "Sentiment". - Summary by Carolin (2 hr 7 min)


Double Carnations 1:56 Read by Newgatenovelist
Never Mind 1:28 Read by Diana Schmidt
Two Women 1:27 Read by SkyAlbatross
It All Will Come Out Right 1:22 Read by Jude
A Warning 1:07 Read by SkyAlbatross
Shrines 1:19 Read by SkyAlbatross
The Watcher 1:46 Read by Domenica Campbell
Swimming Song 2:31 Read by Ezwa
The Law 2:50 Read by Diana Schmidt
Love, Time, and Will 2:18 Read by Larry Wilson
The Two Ages 3:00 Read by Larry Wilson
Couleur de Rose 2:23 Read by Ian King
Last Love 1:14 Read by SkyAlbatross
Life's Track 1:52 Read by Domenica Campbell
An Ode to Time 2:14 Read by bundy98
Regret and Remorse 0:51 Read by SkyAlbatross
Easter Morn 1:02 Read by SkyAlbatross
Blind 1:48 Read by Domenica Campbell
The Yellow-Covered Almanac 2:37 Read by Bruce Kachuk
The Little White Hearse 2:23 Read by Bruce Kachuk
Realisation 1:15 Read by Bruce Kachuk
Success 2:56 Read by Bruce Kachuk
The Lady and the Dame 3:08 Read by Bruce Kachuk
Heaven and Hell 1:34 Read by Bruce Kachuk
Love's Surpremacy 2:18 Read by Larry Wilson
The Eternal Will 2:09 Read by Tina Renee D'Souza
Insight 1:27 Read by Diana Schmidt
A Woman's Love 2:52 Read by Michele Fry
The Paean of Peace 2:23 Read by Michele Fry
'Has Been' 1:16 Read by Larry Wilson
Duty's Path 1:41 Read by Tina Renee D'Souza
March 1:03 Read by Larry Wilson
The End of Summer 2:49 Read by keetah2015
Sun Shadows 0:57 Read by Larry Wilson
'He That Looketh' 1:31 Read by keetah2015
An Erring Woman's Love 18:37 Read by Michele Fry
A Song of Republics 3:55 Read by Tina Renee D'Souza
Memorial Day - 1892 2:12 Read by Diana Schmidt
When Baby Souls Sail Out 2:15 Read by Tina Renee D'Souza
To Another Woman's Baby 1:12 Read by Tina Renee D'Souza
Diamonds 0:26 Read by Ian King
Rubies 0:23 Read by Kathleen Moore
Sapphires 0:24 Read by Jude
Turquoise 0:33 Read by Kathleen Moore
Reform 0:41 Read by bundy98
A Minor Chord 1:17 Read by Ian King
Death's Protest 1:22 Read by Ian King
September 1:16 Read by Ian King
Wail of an Old-Timer 2:05 Read by Tina Renee D'Souza
Was, Is, and Yet-to-Be 2:33 Read by Ezwa
Mistakes 1:24 Read by SkyAlbatross
Dual 1:54 Read by SkyAlbatross
The All-Creative Spark 2:07 Read by Michele Fry
Be Not Content 1:32 Read by SkyAlbatross
Action 1:19 Read by SkyAlbatross
Two Roses 2:06 Read by Greg Giordano
Satiety 0:46 Read by SkyAlbatross
A Solar Eclipse 1:11 Read by SkyAlbatross
A Suggestion 1:22 Read by Ian King
The Depths 1:24 Read by keetah2015
Life's Opera 0:38 Read by SkyAlbatross
The Salt Sea-Wind 1:12 Read by Jude
New Year 1:43 Read by Ezwa
Concentration 1:03 Read by bundy98
Thoughts 0:41 Read by Larry Wilson
Luck 1:12 Read by Larry Wilson