Epic Case Book Of Inspector Carr

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The Epic Casebook Of Inspector Carr (1956-85) - "... in which Inspector Carr investigates ..." - The highly successful detective series, starring Hugh Rouse as Inspector Carr. Written & Produced by Michael Silver at the CRC Studios, Johannesburg. The series aired originally on Thursday evenings at 21H30, sponsored by the Epic Oil Company of S.A. The first actor to play Inspector Carr was Don Davis, he was replaced in 1959 by Hugh Rouse. Don returned briefly in 1963 for 14 episodes. However Hugh Rouse made this series his own. A short lived television series was made by the SABC in the early 1980's with Michael McCabe, playing the famous Inspector. Sadly the transformation from radio to television was a total disaster.

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Are there any more?

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Waiting for more.

Additional Episodes

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There is a torrent on the pirate called 'The Inspectors' with 51 episodes total. Be careful though, not everything in this torrent is in the public domain

Still brilliant even after all this time

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