Escape 1947 - 1948

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Escape 1947 - 1948 OTR

This recording is part of the Old Time Radio collection.



Escape_470228_Out_Of_This_World 29:35
Escape_470321_Audition_Dead_Of_Night 25:40
esca.1947.07.07_The_Man_Who_Would_be_King 29:40
esca.1947.07.14_Operation_Fleur_de_Lis 31:15
esca.1947.07.21_The_Diamond_as_Big_as_the_Ritz 30:08
esca.1947.07.28_Typhoon 29:55
esca.1947.08.04_Sire_De_Maletroit's_Door 29:26
esca.1947.08.11_Ring_of_Thoth 29:54
esca.1947.08.18_The_Fourth_Man 30:30
esca.1947.10.01_Dangerous_Game 30:17
esca.1947.10.15_A_Shipment_of_Mute_Fate 25:20
esca.1947.10.22_The_Fall_of_the_House_of_Usher 1:00:06
esca.1947.10.29_Pollock_and_Porrah_Man 29:58
esca.1947.11.05_Evening_Primrose 29:57
esca.1947.11.12_Young_Man_with_Cream_Tarts 29:56
esca.1947.11.19_Casting_the_Runes 29:55
esca.1947.11.26_Country_of_the_Blind 29:04
esca.1947.12.03_Taboo 28:38
esca.1947.12.10_An_Occurence_At_Owl_Creek_Bridge 28:54
esca.1947.12.17_Wild_Oranges 28:52
esca.1947.12.31_Confession 28:54
esca.1948.01.10_The_Second_Class_Passenger 29:16
esca.1948.01.14_Leiningen_vs_the_Ants_(East) 29:46
esca.1948.01.21_Papa_Benjamin 28:56
esca.1948.01.28_Three_Good_Witnesses_(East) 29:51
esca.1948.02.01_Vanishing_Lady 28:49
esca.1948.02.08_Snake_Doctor_(East) 29:43
esca.1948.02.15_Ancient_Sorceries 30:54
esca.1948.02.28_How_Love_Came_To_Professor_Guildea 30:57
esca.1948.02.29_Grove_of_Ashtaroth_(East) 30:37
esca.1948.03.07_Jimmy_Goggles_The_God 29:59
esca.1948.03.14_The_Log 27:23
esca.1948.03.21_Misfortune's_Isle_(East) 28:53
esca.1948.03.28_Shipment_of_Mute_Fate 29:38
esca.1948.04.04_Action 28:57
esca.1948.04.11_The_Brute 30:11
esca.1948.04.18_Drums_of_the_Fore_and_Aft 31:19
esca.1948.04.25_The_Fourth_Man 29:17
esca.1948.05.02_John_Jock_Todd 30:23
esca.1948.05.09_The_Time_Machine 29:40
esca.1948.05.16_The_Match 29:59
esca.1948.05.23_Leiningen_vs_the_Ants 29:14
esca.1948.06.06_Beau_Geste 29:30
esca.1948.07.04_A_Tooth_for_Paul_Revere 28:37
esca.1948.07.11_She 28:30
esca.1948.07.18_Habit 28:20
esca.1948.08.01_The_Man_Who_Would_be_King 29:39
esca.1948.08.15_The_Fugitive 29:38
esca.1948.08.22_S.S._San_Pedro 29:38
esca.1948.08.29_The_Diamond_as_Big_as_the_Ritz 29:35
esca.1948.09.05_Dream_of_Armageddon 29:29
esca.1948.09.12_Evening_Primrose 29:30
esca.1948.09.19_The_Man_Who_Could_Work_Miracles 29:55


Well Worth a Listen

(4 stars)

This collection contains half hour mysteries and adventure radio plays. All are very well produced, several with movie star cast members. On some episodes the quality a little garbled, but not so bad that you can't understand the cast. These are great for short trips in the car, or for a walk around the block when you're not in the mood for music or talk radio.

Casting the Runes/Pollock and The Porrah Man

(5 stars)

Two of my favorite OTR shows. Casting the Runes is great. You might remember the movie based on the same story - "Curse of the Demon" starring Dana Andrews. That's good too.

Awesome series!

(5 stars)

if you're tired of the everyday grind, try Leningen vs the Ants, The Young Man and the Cream Tarts (based on Robert Louis Stevenson's "The Suicide Club"), or Evening Primrose All three are lovely!

The Fall of the House of Usher

(5 stars)

I love Escape, but The Fall of the House of Usher is totally unusable. I don't see how it got included with the severe speed issue.

New Blog About Escape

(5 stars)

If you are interested, there is a new blog devoted to the best (and worst) episodes of Suspense and Escape. Visit