Five Minute Mysteries - OTR

(4.7 stars; 11 reviews)

A 5-minute Mystery show which was syndicated to many local radio stations. Audio Files Sourced Old Time Radio

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Any more available?

(5 stars)

I've always preferred short stories and pithy plotlines. I guess it's my ADD, but shows like this, The Unexpected and other brief series are my favorites. Does anyone have anymore to post? I have approximately 50 episodes, but I hear that there are at least 100 more available. If so, would some kind soul share them? :-)

5 Minute Mysteries

(5 stars)

5 Min #002 Death Calls at Dinner (aka - xxx -Death ) I too am an avid fan of "Five Minute Mysteries" - DEF gp

It looks like there are 82 total mysteries

(5 stars)

there is another link on with 82 shows. and more can be found here

great shorts...

(5 stars)

a great listen, brain teasers in under 5 minutes. even makes up for the annoying theme music.

(4 stars)

Worth five minutes of your time. Could do without the organ music.