Ford Theater

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Episodes of the old-time radio anthology series "Ford Theater".

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The list of titles copy-and-pasted 1 Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court - 58:41 2 Ah, Wilderness - 59:05 3 Carmen Jones - 01:01:07 4 The Man Who Played God - 59:32 5 Father, Dear Father - 58:29 6 Adventures of the Bad Boy - 01:00:11 7 Storm in a Teacup - 59:58 8 Girl Crazy (rehearsal) - 01:05:39 9 Girl Crazy - 59:44 10 Green Pastures - 01:02:04 11 Abe Lincoln in Illinois - 57:55 12 It's a Gift - 59:28 13 The Silver Cord - 58:36 14 Front Page - 01:00:34 15 Counselor at Law - 01:00:34 16 A Star Is Born - 01:00:19 17 Laura - 01:00:18 18 Michael and Mary - 57:50 19 My Sister Eileen - 01:00:43 20 The Late Christopher Bean - 01:00:14 21 Arrowsmith - 01:00:07 22 Madam Bovary - 57:22 23 Double Indemnity - 59:21 24 Of Human Bondage - 58:45 25 Anna Christie - 55:20 26 The Horn Blows at Midnight - 59:24 27 Wuthering Heights - 01:00:50 28 A Farewell to Arms - 56:54

Love These Shows! Superb Audio Quality!

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Just heard Connecticut Yankee staring Mason Adams. My gosh, he left us. He was Front Page Ferrell on radio and the voice of Federated Insurance among many other roles. And on TV as a newspaper editor on Lew Grant. Karl Swenson as the King was later on Little House on the Prairie. I hope more of these shows can be found and shared. :) Keep up the good work! Superb audio quality!

More great old time radio !

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THE SILVER CORD excellent drama about the worst mother in law in the world. Very worth checking out for great script and acting! The fantastic web resource Digital Deli Too has plot summaries and more info on FORD THEATER so you can pick an episode that sounds good and come back here to the 1940s and take your seat in the live audience for a listen. Who needs modern TV? Thanks uploader!

Ford Theater

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If you go to the Wiki page of Ford Theatre you get links to these, Academy Award Author's Playhouse The Campbell Playhouse Cavalcade of America The CBS Radio Workshop The Cresta Blanca Hollywood Players Curtain Time General Electric Theater Lux Radio Theater The Mercury Theatre on the Air The MGM Theater of the Air Screen Director's Playhouse The Screen Guild Theater Stars over Hollywood (radio program) Suspense The United States Steel Hour

Radio theater, theatre, playhouse, stage etc.

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Ford theatre is a another example of a well produced show . . . all of the episodes are worth a listen. I find it interesting to compare different productions of popular plays and stories. Thanks for the list below . . . I was trying to remember all of the classic radio theatre & playhouse programs. I now have a quick point of reference.