GunSmoke 05

(4.6 stars; 51 reviews)

Old Time Radio Programs. Gunsmoke Starring William Conrad as Matt Dillon. Western Theme.

This recording is part of the Old Time Radio collection.



59-01-18_Kangaroo 25:22
59-01-25_The Boots 29:04
59-02-01_The Bobbsey Twins 25:36
59-02-08_Groat's Grudge 25:08
59-02-15_Body Snatch 27:01
59-02-22_The Search 24:24
59-03-01_Bit Tom 24:15
59-03-08_Man Hawkins 25:31
59-03-15_Incident At Indian Ford 25:46
59-03-29_Laurie's Suitor 27:51
59-04-05_Trapper's Revenge 25:01
59-04-12_Chester's Mistake 24:09
59-04-19_Third Son 23:55
59-04-26_The Badge 24:46
59-05-03_Unwanted Deputy 24:43
59-05-10_Dowager's Visit 25:05
59-05-17_Scared Boy 23:58
59-05-24_Wagon Show 26:00
59-05-31_The Deserter 26:24
59-06-07_Doc's Indians 27:09
59-06-14_Kitty's Kidnap 29:24
59-07-05_Emma's Departure 29:13
59-07-12_Friend's Pay-off 25:45
59-07-19_Second Arrest 23:24
59-07-26_Old Beller 24:04
59-08-02_Ball Nine, Take Your Base 28:11
59-08-16_Pokey Pete 30:02
59-08-30_Shooting Stopover 25:32
59-09-06_Matt's Decision 25:15
59-09-27_Personal Justice 25:40
59-10-11_Kitty's Quandary 29:24
59-10-25_Old Gunfighter 26:41
59-11-29_Hard Lesson 26:03
59-12-06_Big Chugg Wilson 27:03
59-12-13_Don Mateo 25:50
60-01-10_Luke's Law 24:41
60-01-17_Firery Arrest 25:05
60-01-24_Bless Me Till I Die 25:41
60-01-30_Chester's Dilema 25:49
60-02-07_Delia's Father 24:16
60-02-14_Distant Drummer 27:12
60-02-28_Prescribed Killing 29:28
60-03-13_Unloaded Gun 24:27
60-03-27_Indian Baby 25:12
60-04-10_Dave's Lesson 24:54
60-04-17_Soloman River 29:27
60-04-24_Stage Snatch 26:29
60-05-01_Nettie Sitton 25:45
60-05-08_Wrong Man 25:33
60-05-15_Tall Trapper 25:27
60-05-22_Marryin' Bertha 24:53
60-05-29_Bad Seed 28:16
60-06-05_Fabulos Silver Extender 29:01
60-06-12_Kitty Accused 30:14
60-06-26_Line Trouble 22:14
60-07-03_Little Girl 24:06
60-07-10_Reluctant Violence 26:08
60-07-17_Busted-up Guns 23:08
60-07-24_The Imposter 23:46
60-07-31_Stage Smash 25:00
60-08-07_Old Fool 24:27
60-08-14_The Noose 23:39
60-08-21_Dangerous Bath 25:15
60-08-28_Tumbleweed 24:05
60-09-11_About Chester 24:16
60-09-18_Two Mothers 28:56
60-09-25_Doc Judge 24:00
60-10-02_The Big Itch 24:18
60-10-23_Newsma'am 29:18
60-11-06_Jedro's Woman 24:28
60-11-20_The Professor 30:04
60-12-04_Kitty's Good Neighboring 24:13
60-12-11_The Cook 24:02
60-12-18_Hero's Departure 22:52
60-12-25_Minnie 19:19
61-01-08_Old Faces 23:24
61-01-15_The Wake 24:28
61-01-22_Hard Virture 24:25
61-01-29_Harriet 22:27
61-02-05_Love of Money 23:15
61-02-19_Kitty Love 21:02
61-02-26_Joe Sleet 23:45
61-03-05_Melinda Miles 23:17
61-04-02_Chester's Inheritance 20:40
61-04-09_Hangman's Mistake 23:42
61-04-16_Cooter 23:23
61-04-23_Father and Son 19:39
61-04-30_Ex-Urbanites 23:47
61-05-07_Ma's Justice 19:45
61-05-14_The Lady Killer 21:25
61-05-21_Chester's Rendezvous 23:56
61-05-28_The Sod-Buster 24:23
61-06-11_Doc's Visitor 23:49


Gunsmoke is radio at its best

(5 stars)

I have just finished listening to all of the Gunsmoke playlists, probably over 300 episodes. I work at home and I listen while working. I enjoyed every single one and Robert Conrad, Parley Baer, and Howard McNear were masterful in every episode. But I came away with a special love for Chester as brilliantly and dearly created by Baer...forever loyal, innocent, and good to the bone, I would give anything for a friend like Chester. Georgia Ellis's Kitty with her sultry voice and oh so practical heart of gold, and her forever unrequited love for the bigger than life Matt Dillon...all superb. What a legacy these unparalleled actors left behind, and an American cultural artifact that will stand the test of ages. And I came to love the voices of the invisible unknowns who brought life to all the people of Dodge, and the wicked, wicked villains. I am sad I finished.

The end of the trail...sadly

(5 stars)

Just finished Gunsmoke,sadly. I absolutely enjoyed this series,the acting and sound effects have been top notch from beginning to end. Have to say considering the number of episodes, I half expected the stories to repeat themselves. But it's the skill of the script writers that each and every episode felt fresh and orignal. I would definitely recommend Gunsmoke it's been a fantastic trip to the Old West,and I've made friends I would happily visit time and again. In the meantime I'll give Fort Laramie a spin! Thanks once more to OTR and Librivox for making Gunsmoke available,and household chores bearable;) Cheers!

Gunsmoke series

(5 stars)

I just finished listening to the last episode of the entire run of the Gunsmoke radio series. (Took me almost two years of listening on my mp3 player while riding the bus to and from work). It is a bittersweet moment... I tremendously enjoyed the program, but I am saddened by the fact that I will never hear a new Gunsmoke epidose. Gunsmoke was the best! Now I'm working on Yours Truly Johnny Dollar.

excellent as always

(5 stars)

The acting and directing is great as it always is. The recordings are mostly very good, but the quality is not always up to par. But for recordings that are 65+ years, it’s understandable.

Outstanding program

(5 stars)

I loved the series! I've worked my way through the Six Shooter, Fort Laramie, and now Gunsmoke. What a great ride!